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The Hero We Actually Need

9:16 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

Ambition has been in existence for as long as humans have existed and it has led many to destroy families, relationships, friends, and the rest in its way. It’s time for a new type of bold person. It’s time to have ambition coupled with solid character.

We need people in this world who are going to produce wonderful work, intend to make a major difference in this world instead of strip everything they can from it, focus on building a legacy instead of leaving liabilities and to express their deepest gifts while truly taking care of others.

We need people who are absolutely unwilling to compromise on their character for the straightforward excitement of life because they deeply understand that it’s about the long term vision instead of gaining short term fame.

We need folks that are pleased to take a stand for a vision that honestly is greater than themselves and to dump their egos at the door. These people trust in a dream that can’t be killed off and therefore will lead many individuals into the light rather than keeping them as potential customers in the dark.

We need people who are impressive, committed, content to sacrifice, and have a positive perspective about what they can give to the world instead of what they can strip of it. Oh yes, we’ve had too many people throughout the past attempt to rip and tear their way through the world and they have successfully demolished a great amount of it.

You may ask, “What can one or two people like this do?” I think a few people like this who are on the same page and have a mission can change the world in ways in which we have never seen before.

Maybe you are going to be one of them? If it calls you, we need you.

Our world needs these people despairingly.

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The Ghost Of Who You Could Become

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit – Aristotle

Don’t ever contend with others, who you were a week back, yesterday, or maybe even a minute ago. Don’t compete with yourself in this moment. No, battle with your potential. Compete with the ghost of the soul you just might become. Because if you enter into the arena looking to challenge that, you’ll become far greater than anything you may have ever dreamed of becoming.

Each day, bring your capacity to choose to the table. You may not wake up feeling great, you could be struck by trouble and land flat on your back, but take the decision to stand back up, wipe the dust out of your eyes and get back to playing with with the person you know you might become.

Who is that potential person?

That truly is only an answer that you can really give yourself. But what I will tell you is that your potential is simply a little better than you at everything in life. They run a lot faster than you, they work harder than you, they lift more, they speak to more girls or guys, they make a room burst with laugher and anything else you can imagine. The thing is you shouldn’t be intimidated by this. Sure, you will never actually reach those times where you surpass your potential in competition. That’s not the point. The point is seeing what you are really capable of and then growing into that person.

If you can conjure up and compete with your potential, it’s possible to see the future of what really is possible for yourself. That, more than anything, is worth its weight in all of the jewels around the world.

So dream a little and see what you can do.

It might positively change your life.

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The Cost Of Big Dreams

9:32 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

Dreams are free. Hustle however, is sold separately. Boy is it pricey.

When you’re on the path to doing your most creative work, life seems to get very simple. You work insanely hard, fall asleep, and awake to try hard all over again. Monday through Friday are the staple for almost everyone except for entrepreneurs and those who are trying to create something. For the case of those people, Saturday’s and Sunday’s exist as another a couple of days of opportunity to push ahead.

This is the grind.

It’s going to take everything you’ve got. Your vision is going to demand that you put forward your best effort, work yourself past where you assumed your limits were, and to dream as sizeable as you possibly can. There’s nothing like chasing a dream and riding the roller coaster of exhaustion and pure excitement. But this is how it’s supposed to be. It’s what comes along with doing what you love.

You also have to be open and willing to listen to the small whispers deep inside yourself and tune out the negativeness that other people bring to the table. Naturally, spend a little time to listen to those who are attempting to give you valuable counsel on your journey, but in the end, you must make your own calls and advance with confidence and with tenacity. Because without those character traits, you may burn out and be unable to face the inescapable fact of failure. Failure is part of the game and it’s there to teach you methods not to do what you have set out to do. Failure serves as a very valuable course adjuster when you are going in the wrong direction.

So embrace the hustle, embrace the grind, and embrace failure. These are all components of success. Have faith that if you keep going at what you love with enthusiasm, you may ultimately arrive right where you have got to be.

Invest in the hustle, it will certainly never let you down.

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Bring Some Chaos Into Your Soul

3:01 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star – Nietzsche

“Go to the deepest darkest place you can let yourself be and see if you can find a little light up in the top right corner?”

Yes, I saw that little light. For years, I thought that light was something by the name of resilience. What I didn’t know was that the light was really joy. How could joy exist in this extraordinarily dark moment? How could joy be present in this awful and awful time?

I remember how it felt in that bad moment. Everything was totally black. The darkest black you might even imagine. If you have ever seen a black table that has been lacquered several thousand times, the depths appear endless. This situation and time in my life was this kind of black which was as thick is molasses.

However, there was light. The only issue was, I wasn’t looking for it.

It is not going to be that easy for me to come back to this place. There are a considerable number of things that I have buried deep so absolutely no one could ever find them. Thing is, I knew they were there. They have always been there all the time. I have been so frightened to let them bubble up that I honestly have basically run from my past straight into the future and have totally forgotten about the present. That’s no way to live life. That is not how my life will be lived from this point on.

This place, while dark, can be illuminated. Like all dark places, bring a bright enough lantern into it and you can start to see things as they really are and not just how your scared mind has interpreted them to be. So I’m going to be bringing that light in.

Into the depths we go.

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Life’s Darkest Moments Call Us To Be Strong

2:46 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

You have got to love the game.

Without that love, you will be pounding the pavement unhappy step after sad step wishing you were doing something else. What’s the point in that? That should be the 1st indicator that you should be doing something different – if you feel disgust in going in to do the work.

Step into this moment.

You know, the instant where you grin while in the struggle, enjoy the agony, scoff at how hard it is and challenge yourself to keep going. Some can be methodical about their goals and dreams but for me, I am acting like life is one big stage and there is a grand orchestra behind me playing all different types of tunes.

I am, for the first time, dancing through life now. Some periods of time are slower, some much faster…but I’m dancing nevertheless.

You will always remember the people that were there to congratulate you when you achieved your dream. Unfortunately, that isn't always who you believed it was meant to be. But that is ok. They'll turn out differently in some ways – often for the better and sometimes for the worse. But that’s life. That’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Every day I'm going a tiny bit more deeply into trying hard to be the individual I want to be and bring out the good characteristics in myself that were hidden for such a long time. I am learning. There are infrequently days when I don’t travel deep into the rabbit hole and search for things hidden deep within. I am not sure if I may have it truly any other way. In fact , that journey has been going on for virtually 5 years now and it’s impossible to imagine that I’ll ever go back to the beginning… to that man before the one I’ve turned I’m today. One thing I know for sure is that I haven’t spent any time finding myself, but instead have spent almost all of my time making myself. I believe there’s a massive difference there.

It’s making versus finding… because in all truth, I really didn’t have anything to actually “find. ” I had to drop everything I had learned to become and everything I presumed I should be so as to become the type of man I had always dreamed of – not the individual society or others told me I should be…but who I knew I could become deep down inside.

I mess up. Occasionally I come off too vulnerable or start pouring things out too early. But I do not run frightened anymore. I used to – I used to be scared of everything. Scared of making mistakes…scared of myself…scared of losing…scared of abandonment…and I finally discovered certain methods to drop those one at a time because they turn your life quickly into nothing. They take everything out of you and there you are…just one big ball of being scared.

Our lives are a collection of interpretations of what truly is actually going down in truth. We bring with us stories and past events that shape what something means to us when it happens in the moment and that customarily dictates how we act. If we can change that interpretation, we will be able to change our whole world.

You have to love the game.

This game of life. Without love…then what? What’s the point if you don’t love what you are doing?

A last thing – if you go hard in life and do everything rooted in love and keenness, it's going to be pretty difficult to knock yourself when you cross the finish line, no matter the circumstances. Just keep that in the back of your mind for a while.

Screw up going 100%. Sure there will be incredible wipeouts, but you will recover and be on your merry way again.

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Integrity Is The Glue That Holds Life Together

3:01 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

When not a single person is looking, who are you? Are you the same person that you present yourself to be when you are with others?

Without integrity, we are nothing. Our dreams elude us, truthful relations with others fail to exist and we will not trust ourselves be cause we aren’t really who we are saying we are. Integrity is the most fundamental building block of life. Without it, what do any of us have? Without integrity, our word will mean nothing as it doesn’t basically have any substance behind it and our actions are rather more of a random event taking place instead of something that is done with conviction and belief.

Yet, it’s amazing what number of people in this world function without a drop of real integrity.

How can you be different?

When you say you are about to do something, ensure it’s already as good as done. When you talk about yourself, actually tell the honest truth. When you make big promises, keep them. And living among that, really focus on the small things, because while they are the tiny details of life they demand your greatest attention and respect. If you can get the tiny things right, you are setting yourself up to get the big things right.

What happens if you break your integrity? Admit your mistake and recommit to what you can.

It’s funny how quick friends are to truly forgive when you are seriously up-front and admit your mistakes overtly and with enthusiasm. Nevertheless if you refuse responsibility, people lose their respect for you and will continue to go after you until you admit your mistakes.

It is way easier to be open and truthful about your mistakes and faults than attempt to cover anything up.

So build some serious wholeness in your life and begin following through with your word. Not only will your life change, but your relationships will change as well.

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True Confidence And The Development Of Wisdom

3:01 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

If we really believe in ourselves, who we are, what our purpose is in this world and what we can offer those around us, then barely any quantity of criticism or praise that can knock us off our center.

It’s only when a woman or man builds himself on the compliments or criticisms of others that their personality begins to take a dive.

To prosper in this world, you really have to have thick skin. For absolutely no reason at all the wolves will come out after you and try and tear you and your reputation to shreds. Similarly, people around you’ll compliment you with hollow praise and try to bring your ego up. If we slide into allowing both of these tactics of the world to create us, we will get caught up in a whole world of suffering.

The solution?

We need to trust in ourselves. While this is proving to be one of the roughest things to do it’s also one of the most beneficial lessons you can ever learn in life. No matter what, when the difficulties and praise comes, you still can maintain who you are. The enticements of life will make attempts to make you change who you are into what the world would like you to be.

Avoid this at all costs. Don’t change for those reasons. Instead, change for yourself and who you know you might be in future times. Continue to grow and continue to build upon your life day in and day out because that is what feels right to you.

Then, when you finally reach the end of the line, you’ll always be able to say that you stayed true to yourself regardless of everything else. To me, that sounds a bit like a pretty happy life.

So start believing in yourself. You never know what you are capapble of until you really go for it.

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Forget Progress, Tap Into Deepening

3:01 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

When we let go of what we believe we need to be, we permit ourselves the room to grow into who we truly are.

In our modern world, we have a inclination as humans to believe that we always need to be something more. We have got to be prettier, funnier, richer and everything else in between. But all of these things that we believe that we have to be stop us from actually expressing who we are deep inside. We consistently measure ourselves against others and create fake masks for ourselves so other people will like us more. Thing is, after a while, these masks always fall off and people end up seeing us for our true selves no matter what.

It’s a lot easier, and way more fun in the end, to be completely who you are without any apologies.

This isn’t to assert that you shouldn’t take time to improve your life. But if you’re going to go down the journey of personal development and deepening, you have to truly focus on doing it for yourself. In truth, that really is the only way that lasting and sustainable change occurs. When you start developing for other people or because someone just told you to do it, you don’t essentially end up believing in what you’re doing. Unfortunately, development becomes something that you finally cross off a list a lifetime journey.

Be incredibly thankful for what you have at the moment and who you are and if you happen to be looking to take an excursion that might change you for the better, then develop for yourself. Develop as you know that it’s the right thing to do and that it will create a better future for yourself.

In the end, if we stay true to our own paths and believe in ourselves, we are truly capable of anything.

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In The End, How Bad Do You Want It?

8:01 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

It looks like as the days go by I find myself finding more and more ways to improve at the things I have dreamed and imagined.

There are times during the day where I hear the following speech “How Bad Do You Want It?” by Eric Thomas in my phone and it brings a new energy into me. I suspect that the media we actually listen to and digest has a bigger effect on us than we know. You have got to be careful about what you bring into your life – because negativism can control your consciousness and take you places you don't want to go. I had to stop listening to some artists because of the things they sang about. Those things are not intended to be in my life – they’re everything I’m working against – and yet hearing them constantly can persuade you of trying something your really don’t want to.

How tough do you need to be to make it kid? Oh, I I know you have to be really tough…I want it so bad.

For a long time I could not put the rubber to the road. My wanting for my dreams was swept over by my fear of them failing. It is like a little kid playing with a new frightening toy. They’re so curious but they can not quite yet grab it because it’s so unfamiliar to them. This trail I have taken has yielded me many of these defining moments and brought fear head on into my life. I have become frightened of more things in my life, and yet simultaneously I’ve found some way to turn that fear into true possibility and bring light to the situation.

We will always be scared of things. The difference though between those who continue to move forward and people who are controlled by fear lies in their capability to stay curious about the world and its vibrations. This, here, has been one of my greatest learning lessons during the past 5 years of my life – and my opinion is that it is going to carry me forward into the future with open eyes and ears.

When you can see another lifestyle, a more positive way, a much happier way way…don’t ignore that. Understand what it is about that way of living that intrigues you and if you truly are prepared, give it a shot. Literally the very worst thing that might occur is that you're going to go back to your old way of life. Really ask how much you are willing to sacrifice and then move toward it. On the way you’ll find that this vision will demand everything and more from you, and if you have it in you, you will truly be happy to give up a lot for it.

How much do you need it? What can you give up for it? Because you need to have it – now go out and make it.

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The Greatest Adventure You Will Ever Undertake

8:01 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

What if you might have a dream that wasn't under control? What if you could begin a voyage that would never end? What would that look like? How big could you dream?

Winston Churchill once famously claimed, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Imagine going on the greatest journey of your life that was deep rooted in the undeniable fact that you were going to modify every day. You would discover exciting new things about yourself constantly, consistently bring new people into your life and dive into the caves of your heart you have never entered before. This journey would define every day you lived and made sure that you were always growing and deepening. This great adventure is possible, but it’s right around the corner after you confront your deepest fear. Maybe that deep fear is of being alone, not being significant or meaning enough, or not making an effect on the planet. Perhaps that deep fear is only something you truly know inside and have been scared to tell anyone else. But when you confront that fear and dedicate the rest of your life to a mission, it subsides and the chances of life open up in front of you.

Phenomenal things start to develop for you.

Life begins to shape and mould beautifully.

And dreams, well, those dreams you have always had turn into tangible life.

Many might think this idea is hogwash, but I’ve seen it happen with my very own eyes in my personal life and to the various lives of others I have coached professionally. When you face your fears and opt to go on a trip, you become the hero of your own story. You give yourself the chance to be continually suprised by life and live in just such a way that you’re completely uncontrolled by your great fears.

So what will it be today? Fear…or adventure?

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