The Cost Of Big Dreams

9:32 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

Dreams are free. Hustle however, is sold separately. Boy is it pricey.

When you’re on the path to doing your most creative work, life seems to get very simple. You work insanely hard, fall asleep, and awake to try hard all over again. Monday through Friday are the staple for almost everyone except for entrepreneurs and those who are trying to create something. For the case of those people, Saturday’s and Sunday’s exist as another a couple of days of opportunity to push ahead.

This is the grind.

It’s going to take everything you’ve got. Your vision is going to demand that you put forward your best effort, work yourself past where you assumed your limits were, and to dream as sizeable as you possibly can. There’s nothing like chasing a dream and riding the roller coaster of exhaustion and pure excitement. But this is how it’s supposed to be. It’s what comes along with doing what you love.

You also have to be open and willing to listen to the small whispers deep inside yourself and tune out the negativeness that other people bring to the table. Naturally, spend a little time to listen to those who are attempting to give you valuable counsel on your journey, but in the end, you must make your own calls and advance with confidence and with tenacity. Because without those character traits, you may burn out and be unable to face the inescapable fact of failure. Failure is part of the game and it’s there to teach you methods not to do what you have set out to do. Failure serves as a very valuable course adjuster when you are going in the wrong direction.

So embrace the hustle, embrace the grind, and embrace failure. These are all components of success. Have faith that if you keep going at what you love with enthusiasm, you may ultimately arrive right where you have got to be.

Invest in the hustle, it will certainly never let you down.

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