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Handling Panic Attacks Using Alternative Strategies

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Managing panic attacks using Emotional liberty Technique is both a safe and natural way to beat anxiety disorders like agoraphobia and social anxiety.  Other alternative cures for panic attacks include, hypnotherapy, reflexology and NLP. 

Very similar to acupuncture, Emotional freedom method uses the same principals.  Acupuncture is a traditional chinese medicine technique which has been practiced for hundreds of years and works by positioning needles immediately on the meridian system in the body to rebalance energy or chi flow. 

When you tap a sequence of meridian points on your body it rebalances energy flow, the body and mind quietens down, adrenaline levels reduce and negative feelings go down.  Unlike other meridian cures, EFT uses a mixture of positive statements throughout the tapping sequence.  Emotional pain can manifest as physical symptoms, which explains why EFT is so effective since it treats both the cause of the problem as well as it’s symptoms. 

More folks are using EFT and reaping the benefits of this straightforward and natural system.  It’s been used for managing panic attacks, addictions, sleeplessness, stress, depression, fears, discomfort, weight loss and much , much more.  Applying EFT is so easy and only takes one or two minutes to learn, since you can forget the science behind it and just get stuck in.  There are a lot of resources online to discover the simple way to do it step-by-step. 

The drumming sequence is just half of the EFT practice the other half is about focusing and recognizing the difficulty.  Set down the physical or emotional issue you would like to fix so you begin the method with a clear outome.  It is important to use self accepting and positive language when using affirmations.  There is nothing wrong with self-love and respect in truth it is healthy for positive self development. 

Managing panic attacks with EFT is extremely convenient and straightforward since it can be practiced at any moment.  The technique also should be applied as fast as you experience moments of stress, anxiety, negative thoughts or feelings to counteract them. 

EFT doesn’t guarantee a hundred percent success rate, but it is important to use it regularly to see serious results.  Don’t simply do it a number of times and give up.  Once you see the benefits, you can also use it to other areas of your life.

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Anxiety & Panic Attacks In Children

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When we think about panic attacks, we would not usually associate them with youngsters, but children’s panic attacks are just as real as those in adolescents and adults.  It’s not surprising that in youngsters suffer with anxiety and panic attacks in a modern world full of stress and pressures.  Regularly kids are unable to deal with the strain and stresses that are put upon them.  As a consequence of this, anxiety anomalies and panic attacks are one of the commonest psychological health problems affecting our children today. 

It is an unlucky fact that panic and anxiety attacks happen in kids.  It is so heartbreaking because kids are so young and defenseless.  The majority of the time it is going untreated because most adults believe that youngsters bear no responsibility ( i.e.  Paying debts, going to work and so on.  ) and therefore shouldn’t be developing any stress.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Before panic attacks in kids and teens is discussed.  A panic attack itself must first be identified and defined.  From the american Academy of child and Adolescent psychoanalysis panic attacks are described as repeated times of intense fear and / or discomfort together with an increased pulse and shortness of breath.  These periods are called panic attacks and can last anywhere between a minute or two to several hours.  Panic attacks generally develop with no warning.  A more complete list of panic attack symptoms are :

Intense fear ( of dying, losing control or going crazy ). 
Tightness in chest and / or abdomen. 
dizzy spells or headaches. 
trouble breathing or a smothering sensation. 
uncontrollable shaking or trembling
Sense of unreality. 

In kids or adolescents anxiety attacks can interfere with the power to make relationships, schoolwork & ordinary healthy development.  For some kids it becomes so severe that they avoid certain circumstances for fear that a panic attack might occur.  These circumstances typically include going to college or being separated from their mom and pop.  In intense cases, the kid may not wish to leave home.  If untreated, some children or teens may start to exhibit self-destructive or suicidal behaviors. 

The good news though is that kids and teens often respond well to treatment for panic or anxiety disorder.

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Panic Attacks During Night

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About 6 million north Americans experience panic attacks.  Out of those 6 million, about half of them have reported to experience panic attacks during the night.  This has confused many sufferers as they would intuitively think that there would be more panic attack triggers during the day time than at night.  In this post, the reasons for the existence of panic attacks at night will be debated as well as their prevention. 

The reasons for panic attacks at night can vary significantly from person to person.  A common trigger for panic attacks is the sense of the loss of control.  Many night panic attack sufferers believe that being in a unconscious sleep state would represent the final shortage of control.  They fear the vulnerability of a defenseless unconscious state.  Obviously, these fears are fully daft but they nevertheless exist in some nightly panic attack sufferers.  These irrational fears oftentimes lead to panic attacks at night. 

Another reason for panic attacks at night is the fear of death while asleep.  Sufferers fear the possibility of a heart attack or stroke during their sleep.  Again, these fears are quite unreasonable but nonetheless act as triggers for anxiety attacks at night. 

Dreams, are glaringly a reason for panic attacks at night.  Dreams only occur in heavy REM sleep and studies have shown that people who experience nocturnal panic attacks don’t experience them during REM sleep.  Panic attacks at night typically transpire during early sleep phase.  Nightmares {, however ,} are a different story all together.  Some panic attacks at night are a result of nightmares as they occur in the second half the common sleep period.  This is the reason why we can remember them. 

In fact, there exists a certain type of sleeping disorder called Pavor Nocturnus identified by awakening and crying, increased heart beat rate, cold sweats and heart palpitations and other panic attack-like symptoms.  Pavor Nocturnus is most common in youngsters. 

I sincerely hope that this article has been beneficial in enlightening the reader referring to the causes and reasons for nocturnal panic attacks.

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How To Prevent Panic Attacks – Stop The Freak Out

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Panic attacks can happen in anyone without reference to their situation or status.  It is assumed that one in three of us have had a sequence of panic attacks at a previous time or another.  It can impact men or ladies, though ladies are way more ordinarily influenced, with younger ladies having the bulk of the attacks.  We give you tips on how to prevent panic attacks. 

There’s often the sensation that the person suffering the attack is preparing to die, this is not the case though.  The length of the attacks can last from minutes through to an hour with the symptoms waxing and waning. 

There are varied reasons that folk start to have attacks, from bereavement, to depression, relationship Problems or infrequently no apparent reason at all .  Some people with conditions such as diabetes are also more prone to developing panic attacks.  There is a link to having low blood sugar levels before an attack developing. 

Watching your diet and guaranteeing you eat at each meal time could be beneficial in stopping attacks.  Caffeine is another product that may bring on attacks as too much in your system could cause extreme levels of anxiety and agitation which will not help.  You can try decaffeinated coffee or try herbal tea for a healthier choice. 

Feeling sick, palpitations, feeling dizzy, fast heartbeat, can all be caused a panic attack.  Frequently the person will have an overwhelming sense that they’re going to die.  Adrenalin is produced by fear and this will be racing around your body during an attack. 

To get the attack under control, focus on your breathing.  Large, deep breathes will help you to feel much calmer and will start the reduction of symptoms.  Doctors say that respiring into a paper carrier bag with help quickly as when hyperventilating you breathe excessive carbon monoxide out and this raises levels of astringency in the blood, which in turn produce the above listed symptoms.  You will breathe in the carbon monoxide back in thus lowering acidic levels. 

Exercise is also a vital part of coping with attacks as it releases a feeling of peace and well being and diverse chemicals which is going to help release levels of stress. 

Yoga is a very effective relaxation system which may also teach you how to breathe correctly . 

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How To Prevent Panic Attacks – Discovering What You Can Do To End Your Fears Once And For All

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When it comes to learning how to prevent panic attacks, folks incline to overlook it.  The common notion is that when you feel you are about to have an attack, the symptoms would continuously progress even if you do everything you might. 

Many people always try to look for formulas which will make them lose the condition as swiftly as respiring one cycle.  there is no such thing as fast recovery system from the assault.  You’ll need to fight it off and forestall it from developing so that you will not have to face the devastating effects.  What if you discover that there are things that you can actually do? 

Avoid stimulants

What are these stimulants?  Stimulants include caffeine, nicotine and sugar.  All these substances can offer you boost in your energy and keeps you awake.  You will endure lots of stress because these stimulants will keep you going even if your consciousness is at the point of break down.  You have to remember that your cerebral cortex desires rest.  You have to listen to me when I say that the health of your consciousness is the same as the fitness of your body.  Foods that increase sugar content in your blood will trigger the releasing of adrenaline.  And, it will make your body reply to the considerate nervous system where your pulse rate increases.  As a consequence, this may put you in danger for an attack. 

Always know that reduction of these substances will actually make significant difference in the way that you handle an attack. 

Spend a little time with yourself

Do not forget to save some time alone where you may be away from work, children, household chores and family.  It is only when you are alone that you can think and rest peacefully.  When you think, you may understand that things aren’t real especially your fears.  You are just having an exaggerated response to fear of the unknown. 

You fear something that’s not really there and this is what you should fight.  You can take good walks, window shop, dine at fine cafes or spend overnite in a luxury suit hotel so long as you are away from stress.  You can get a body massage from spas with aromatherapy.  In other words, you need to treat yourself while passing a little time alone.  This may help you calm.  Do this once or more in a week.  I do think your relatives and buddies will understand why you are doing this.  You are helping yourself as much as your medical advisor does.

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A Young Woman Gets Arrested for DUI, Talks to The Human Resources Manager, and Becomes Encouraged to Turn Her Life Around and Recover Her Self Esteem

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Shelly was known at work as an incredibly conservative human being who had a great work record. She never attended any of the happy hours following work and it was known through the entire company that she was a very spiritual individual who frequently talked about the dangers of alcohol abuse and alcoholism in our country.

Try to imagine the surprise inside the office when one Monday morning Shelly did not show up for work and nobody had heard from her. The truth is, it wasn’t until approximately 11:45 in the morning that the human resources department received a phone call about Shelly from the city jail.

Shelly Goes Out Drinking With a Few of Her College Colleagues

Apparently, Shelly went out drinking together with several of her university house mates Saturday night and sometime around 3:15 Sunday morning, Shelly was arrested for a DUI. Considering that her blood alcohol content level (BAC) was extremely elevated, she had to spend one day inside the downtown jail.

Shelly Has a Talk With Her Manager and The Human Resources Manager

When Shelly came to work on Tuesday morning, she promptly shared with her superior what had happened and she asked if she could go and talk to the Human Resources manager about her “driving while intoxicated” arrest.

When she got to the HR department and met with the director, she explained that she hadn’t been inebriated since her college days and that she was quite humiliated about her “driving while intoxicated” arrest. She also stressed the point that she needed some assistance getting a professional and effective “driving under the influence” lawyer who would represent her DUI case. Stated differently, Shelly really wanted the Human Resources manager to agree that she needed to see a DUI attorney.

The Human Resources director told Shelly that she needs to make an appointment with somebody within the company employee’s assistance program to go over any future drinking problem that she may have. The HR manager also mentioned that she needs to talk about her wish to employ a “driving under the influence” attorney to represent her with respect to her “drunk driving” case.

Not only this but the Human Resources manager told Shelly that it was good that she would like to hire a “drunk driving” attorney because of the difficulties and severe consequences that happen to be linked to a “drunk driving” conviction.

The Human Resources manager could tell that Shelly was noticeably distressed and embarrassed by this whole situation. For this reason he assured Shelly that while he doesn’t feel that conscientious people ought to ever get behind the steering wheel right after consuming alcohol, sadly these scenarios at times come to pass to particularly good men and women.

The Human Resources director then explained that since such a circumstance cannot be undone, what is crucial is what the man or women does from this point in time forward. As stated by the Human Resources director, “does the man or women learn from his/her errors or does she or he develop a pattern of alcohol related problems that cause the individual chronic suffering and pain”?

Fortunately, Shelly Did Not Have a History of Excessive and Heavy Drinking

Just before completing their discussion, the Human Resources director explained to Shelly that it was quite positive that she doesn’t have a record of unhealthy and abusive drinking drinking. Furthermore, she hasn’t had an alcohol-related situation since her university days (which was roughly 6 years ago). Consequently, Shelly ought to be in a position to deal with her DUI arrest with sorrow but also with a belief that she will confront and sort out this situation and become a healthier individual in the near future.

Shelly thanked the Human Resources director for his supportive and encouraging thoughts and then walked over towards the company employee’s assistance program to discuss her “drunk driving” arrest, her involvement in careless and excessive drinking drinking over the past weekend, and her wish to hire a “driving under the influence” lawyer to represent her DWI case.

After hearing Shelly’s “story,” the physician that was part of the company employee’s assistance program described Shelly’s immediate “game plan” that she needed to address and follow. First, she would be required to take a DUI class to learn more DUI facts and information. Second, she would also be required to take an alcohol abuse class to address her possible problem drinking. And finally, it would be an especially wise thing to do if she were to consult with a DUI lawyer about her DWI arrest.

Shelly Feels Encouraged That She Will Learn From Her Mistake and Grow To Be More Sensible

It was apparent that Shelly was extremely displeased with the whole DUI circumstance, but after talking to the Human Resources director and to the healthcare practitioner in the company employee’s assistance program, she felt a sense of relief knowing that she would in truth learn from her mistake and grow to be even more healthy and balanced, a lot more dependable, and an even more thankful individual.

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What Self Defense Products Can Do

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A good understanding of the principles behind self defense is always valuable. sadly, many persons are not proficient at the skills necessary to guard against injury to loved ones, personal property, or themselves as they may not possess the strength, insight, or knowledge essential to neutralize or deter an attacker. Many of us, who would not otherwise emerge unharmed from such an incident, would do well to research the options available to us, including purchasing self defense devices to defend our property, other possessions, and even our lives.

Hundreds of self-defense products can be purchased online from reputable self defense mega stores, which may be integral to your survival when an villian wishes to do you harm. These necessary devices, often called non-lethal weapons, are less damaging to the law breaker than deadly weapons like guns, knives, or other conventional arms. Non-lethal devices for self defense will assist you when the need arises, and deter any muggers so you can call for aid or make an escape.

Since many countries do not permit civilians to carry handguns or knives to protect themselves against violent crime, some manufacturers have come up with safer alternatives, including OC pepper sprays, stun guns, and personal alarms.

Personal alarms are an example of passive tools for self defense. More recent versions of the personal alarm were built with light weight and portability in mind, so that they may be easily concealed in a purse, backpack, or even on one’s person. This tool for self protection uses batteries for its power supply, thus producing piercing sounds at high volume, to call attention to oneself, and the attacker. After pressing the trigger of a personal alarm, the obnoxious noise it produces will draw the attention of nearby individuals, and discourage the antagonist from further action.

OC pepper sprays have been a basic tool of self defense. Most law enforcement officers carry canisters of pepper spray alongside their service firearms, batons, and handcuffs. These canisters spray an aggressor with irritating chemicals at high pressure, and are especially effective when aimed at the subject’s face. The spray causes the subject’s eyes and skin to sting, while the components of the gas emitted render it difficult for him to breathe. Some of these sprays even contain semi-permanent dyes, thus marking an attacker and making him easy to identify later on.

Stun guns are another type of non-lethal defensive handheld weaponry. These electronic control devices are often the size of a electric shaver. The charge from one is enough to incapacitate an assailant with an electrical shock, although one needs to be in close quarters to be able to use this device effectively. TASER devices are a more technologically-developed version of the stun gun, which delivers an amount of electricity to the target’s body through lengths of conductive wire and projectiles. The small barbs at the ends of the wires pierce the target’s skin and clothing, making it difficult (and painful) for him to escape the electrical charge.

The technology used for these apparatuses, if used in the right way, can be rather effective. The technology and principles used for these devices have been well-developed over time by the police and military who use them in more hazardous conditions. If a potential victim finds that de-escalation or avoidance is not possible, these aforementioned self defense devices can be integral to safeguarding a life or property.

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The Way To Stop Panic Attacks For Good!

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No-one desires to tell a panic attack subject how frightful the symptoms can be.  An episode can seem to come out of the blue and the feelings of fear are even more intensified by not knowing the source of their suffering.  Many folks suffer like this for some time.  I was one of those folks over the course of the longest year of my life.  I had endured 4 panic attacks and the doctors I went to for a cure were extraordinarily slow in diagnosing my problem.  And when the issue was ultimately identified, the solutions offered to me were of no help at all . 

Fortunately , I found my very own solution.  But it was not till I was in such a condition of extraordinary anxiety that I had to get on the phonephone and call an ambulance to take me away to the hospital!  When the paramedics arrived, they targeted only on the symptoms I was enduring.  They reassured me that I was not in any physical danger and suggested I attempt to control my breathing in order to relax. 

After having attempted about every other system available, a number of these people had actually begun to give up hope before trying the techniques outlined in this book.  Some people had their lives upset for years due to these attacks. 

Panic Away website

You can get free advice by email on the site and other handy information.  There’s also a method to submit any concerns or questions you will have.  The book was written by a former panic attack subject.  This was done only after being unable to find an effective cure.  This can reveal why what he writes about and advises struck such a chord with me. 

He says the phobia of experiencing another anxiety attack is one the main Problems with this condition.  I’m sure that’s how I felt.  Any random dark thought or weird tiny sensation could leave me in fear of another approaching attack.  That’d be the beginning of downward spiral. 

Anxiety Attack Causes

There is masses of feud among doctors on the essential causes of panic attacks.  Even more so on the easiest way to effectively treat them.  I have read many of those wide and sundry opinions, which was why I was so impressed by the reasonable reason outlined in the Panic Away book.  He also reassures the reader by explaining why anxiety attacks cannot hurt you and what is actually occurring in the body in the course of an attack.

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Picking Out Ball Room Gowns

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Ballroom dancing has always been considered as a fashionable activity. The fashion, the glamour and the look of ball room dancing is all enhanced by the dress you are wearing.  Considering this the evaluation of the ballroom dance dresses has been quite dramatic.


Tango dress being the sexiest of them all as it has a unique mixture of nobleness and seductivity with a mixture of dark colors which attracts the eyes of the opposites.  The Tango ballroom dance dresses or the Tango skirt is worn in a way to impress your partner. What better way is there than to add a little spice by wearing a sexy tango dress. Tango pant or a tango top is more appropriate for a soft occasion.


While Tango being the noble seductress of ballroom a more youth involved art of ballroom would be salsa. The ballroom dance dresses for Salsa uses a wide range of colors in designing the clothes making it more revealing.  Most of these up to date salsa costumes could be found online.  It should not be a problem to buy a readymade wear from a trusted and specialist ballroom dress maker. It will be more convenient to buy the comfortable and flexible salsa pants for your training sessions.


Flamenco can be stated as another famous name for ballroom dance dresses. The long and flashy looking skirts would give a more dominant look to the person. With more sophisticated laser cut skirts it is assured to corporate more with the moves of the dancer.  Men’s t shirts have a more stretchy material, making it easier for him to lead the woman.


Online retailers give you the opportunity of creating your own style and pattern. Measurements are simply needed to be taken by the dancer and then filled in to an online form. If you have no idea about the latest trends and designs, you can browse their websites and create your own design. Online shopping for ballroom dance dresses is quite convenient for people who are unable to find time to visit clothes shops, etc.


As all kinds of ballroom dresses available all over the world it should be within your hands to make sure you buy the dress which suits you.  A great workmanship with the finest fabrics and quality should be the ultimate target. After all you don’t want your dress to disappoint you while you are head over heels with your dancing, do you?

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Getting the Rhythm With Latin Ballroom Dancing

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Starting its journey from Latin America and the Caribbean, Latin dancing has now conquered almost every continent and every country in the world.  The fashion involved and the passion of it has made it a very much accepted activity amongst all levels of the society.


Latin ballroom dancing come with different styles and variations that include the Rumba, Samba, Salsa, Cha-cha and the Tango to name a few.  However currently only rumba, samba, Paso, cha-cha and jive are reckoned as the set of international ballroom dance. Social dancing has a mixture of dances that come from different origins. Yet everyone identifies them as Latin ballroom dancing.


Different styles of dancing require different music as well. The popularity of ballroom dancing is such that different music cultures have also grown with it. Rumba music, salsa music, and the slow rhythmic jive music are few such kinds.

An interesting way of brushing up your Latin ballroom dancing skills is to participate in dancing competitions. These competitions are categorized into levels, starting from beginners to the more advanced. You will notice professional dancers competing in higher levels. All these provide a platform in showcasing one’s hidden talents and exceptional moves to the world.


Enroling in a Latin ballroom dancing class will give you the opportunity of dancing with several partners. Although it is advisable to stick to one partner if your plan is to learn dancing as a competitive sport, dancing with several partners lets you identify your mistakes and helps you improve with time. The art does not encircle you to a specific rule, it will only provide you with the regulations and the base style. Hence it is your duty to develop your own kind of dancing style. Of course it should not be an impossible one for your partner, but few variations from the original to suite your body and height would give it some glamour.


If you watch different Latin ballroom dancing competitions from around the world, you’d have noticed the increase in youngsters being involved. Although the dancing champions were first identified from the European region, this has changed with champions emerging from countries like the United States. Getting help from qualified dance instructors can pave the way. Enroll in a qualified Latin ballroom dancing class and start your journey of becoming a pro in ballroom dancing.


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