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by seph

In The End, How Bad Do You Want It?

8:01 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

It looks like as the days go by I find myself finding more and more ways to improve at the things I have dreamed and imagined.

There are times during the day where I hear the following speech “How Bad Do You Want It?” by Eric Thomas in my phone and it brings a new energy into me. I suspect that the media we actually listen to and digest has a bigger effect on us than we know. You have got to be careful about what you bring into your life – because negativism can control your consciousness and take you places you don't want to go. I had to stop listening to some artists because of the things they sang about. Those things are not intended to be in my life – they’re everything I’m working against – and yet hearing them constantly can persuade you of trying something your really don’t want to.

How tough do you need to be to make it kid? Oh, I I know you have to be really tough…I want it so bad.

For a long time I could not put the rubber to the road. My wanting for my dreams was swept over by my fear of them failing. It is like a little kid playing with a new frightening toy. They’re so curious but they can not quite yet grab it because it’s so unfamiliar to them. This trail I have taken has yielded me many of these defining moments and brought fear head on into my life. I have become frightened of more things in my life, and yet simultaneously I’ve found some way to turn that fear into true possibility and bring light to the situation.

We will always be scared of things. The difference though between those who continue to move forward and people who are controlled by fear lies in their capability to stay curious about the world and its vibrations. This, here, has been one of my greatest learning lessons during the past 5 years of my life – and my opinion is that it is going to carry me forward into the future with open eyes and ears.

When you can see another lifestyle, a more positive way, a much happier way way…don’t ignore that. Understand what it is about that way of living that intrigues you and if you truly are prepared, give it a shot. Literally the very worst thing that might occur is that you're going to go back to your old way of life. Really ask how much you are willing to sacrifice and then move toward it. On the way you’ll find that this vision will demand everything and more from you, and if you have it in you, you will truly be happy to give up a lot for it.

How much do you need it? What can you give up for it? Because you need to have it – now go out and make it.

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by seph

Set Your Direction, Or Stranger Will Do It For You

3:19 am in Pyschology That Helps by seph

Ever drive along and wonder why you are heading in the wrong direction?

Often this the way you go regularly, as you are on auto pilot brooding about other stuff. What if you were doing this in other areas of your life, whether you realized it or not?

The Miriam-Webster dictionary has a definition for goal, which states, ‘the end toward which effort is directed? Given that a lot of folks set goals, it is obvious that you need to set your direction, right?

The gloomy fact of the matter is that if you do not set your direction, somebody else will, be it your chief, a partner, a pal? You get the picture. Its like you may be driving, but hey they?ve punched where you?re going in the sat-nav.

Before you know it, you've spent the nicest bit of 20 years in blind alley job, doing what other people wanted you to do, unaware of the fact that all along you've had choice in the matter.

The majority go through life thinking about all the things they do not want, and yet couching in terms that they suspect are positive. Do you know any person that wants to stop smoking, to drink less, to eat less, and so on. ?

These folk might have been thinking they have set a direction, but they haven't. You can?t drive forwards at speed while looking thru your rear view mirror.

The more we focus on lacking on something, leaving it behind, giving it up, the more we finish up being pulled toward it. You see there is nothing to fill the void, nothing to push you forwards, because you have got nothing to aim for!

If you're “trying” to lose weight you ought to be targeted on what you need to be, and how you'd be acting if you were your ideal weight.

If you would like to quit smoking, and you spend all of your time giving up smoking, targeting the cigarettes, it is unlikely to work. Maybe you go for a patch, but then you substitute one problem for another, but not where you would like to be!

What is the lesson here? Set your own direction and focus on that, and you?re more likely to finish up where you want to be.A superb way of doing this is the use of online vision boards within Facebook.

So be the driver rather than the driver in your life.

Andrew Wilkin is an Accomplished NLP Expert, Authorized Hypnotherapist and the founder of Dream Timeline, a free site to help people visualise their dreams using online vision boards.

by seph

Goal Setting Essentials

1:36 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

The basics of setting a goal is an open secret known by top-caliber athletes, successful businessmen and businesswomen, and all types of achievers in all the various fields. The basics of setting ambitions offer you short-term and long-term motivation and concentration. They allow you to set focus on the acquisition of necessary knowledge and assist you to design and organize your resources as well as your time in order that you are able to get the best out of your life.

Setting clearly defined short term and long-term objectives will enable you to measure your progress and obtain personal satisfaction when you have effectively met your goals. Charting your progress will also allow you to truly see the stages of completion ultimately causing the actual realization of your targets. This eliminates the feeling of a extended and pointless grind towards achieving your purpose. Your self-confidence and level of competence will also increase as you’ll be more conscious of your effectiveness as you finish or accomplish your objectives.

The basics of aim settings will involve deciding what you actually want to do with your individual life and what short-term and long-term objectives you need to obtain it. Then you need to break down objectives into smaller and sensible targets which you must complete on your way to achieving your lifetime targets. When you have your list, waste little time in tackling your targets.

Attitude plays a really large function in setting and achieving your ambitions. You should consider if any part of you or your mind is holding you back towards completing your least complicated targets. In the event you do have problems in these areas then the instant thing to accomplish is to address this problem. Solutions could contain visiting a doctor or psychiatrist to handle your emotions.

Personal economic scenarios also play a major function in achieving your goals. Develop a realistic objective on how much you actually desire to earn. You also should be able to make plans or stages by which you’ll be able to reach your earning potential.

As we say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or something to that effect, is by every means accurate down to the last letter. Giving yourself just a little pleasure must be included within your plans. To start achieving your lifetime ambitions, set a 25-year plan, then break it down to five year plans then break it down once more to 1 year plans, then Six month plans, then monthly plans, then weekly, then everyday.

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