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by seph

Remember To Always Read The Instructions

9:03 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

When you buy something, it will usually have a piece of paper or booklet with it. On that paper will be instructions for operating or assembling your new purchase. For some reason, many males are reluctant to read this paper. It may be the same reason they hesitate to ask others for directions, when lost. There are a lot of advantages to these little sheets of paper. Here are some that you may find interesting.

You will have a good idea as to what you are up against. Some items like a Schwinn mountain bike may require assembly. Some types of bicycles will be difficult enough after reading instructions. You may need all the help that you can get. By looking over things that the manufacturer suggests, you may be able to assemble them.

You may save a great deal of time. Why take thirty minutes figuring out what something is? You can look over the booklet and find out in thirty seconds. Your total assembly time may be drastically reduced also. You can use the time that you save, to enjoy your new purchase.

You will have an excuse when you make a mistake. You may spend a great deal of time putting something together. It is possible that you make a mess of things. That sometimes happens. If you have studied the directions, you can blame them. Surely it must be those instructions. You did everything that was mentioned. At least that is what you can tell your wife. If she sees you reading the directions, she may be more likely to believe you, also.

You will have something to fight about. How many times have you had instructions snatched from your hand while reading it? This often happens between loving couples. She is not going to see the directions in the same manner as you. If you cannot assemble your product, you can blame her also.

At least pretend to read the instructions. Written directions are sometimes like electric blankets. When you need them, they are great. However, you do not always need them. If she thinks that you have read the directions that may be enough. You will be free to work on your purchase until you finish it.


Take the time to read and examine the instructions. You will increase your odds for success. It will probably save you much time and work. You will have a scapegoat for your mistakes. You may actually have an easy time assembling your purchase. However, not everything will have instructions. Women and men wedding bands are an example.

by seph

Six awesome locations you can read your favorite audio book

1:56 am in Pyschology That Helps by seph

We have a lot to be grateful for when talking about technology.

It's amazing to think that we haven't just reduced the global impact when making books but people are also now able to completely avoid using paper as they will 'listen' rather than 'read'.

Ironic? Not with the introduction of audio books.

With audio books, we now have the unique advantage of doing other things that take up our hands, but not our minds. We now have the freedom of doing what we want, while having the book read to us.

More people are embracing the wonders of audio books and are buying their favorite books in audio book version.

If you are considering buying an audio book, below are 6 of the great places you can enjoy an audio book

1. In the comfort of your own bed. You know the days, when you really can't face the world, you just want to relax. Or we could just want to lie down in the dark until we fall asleep.

What a great time to listen to an audio book. You wouldn't have to bother with putting on the lights, holding the book, flipping through the pages or the stress of reading the book itself.

When you listen to an audio book you do not have to worry about these things, you can simply relax and have your favorite book read to you.

2. In the kitchen while doing household chores such as washing the dishes or cooking. For some people it can be very boring being in the kitchen, especially washing the dishes or other such chores.

This is a great time to enjoy an audio book because you need to be using your hands whereas your mind is completely free.

Instead of feeding your mind with negative thoughts during this time, an audio book will be a wonderful alternative.

3. While gardening, Of course, you can listen to an audiobook while gardening. The audio book can make the gardening fun because you would be concentrating on the beauty of the audio book and not on the difficulty of gardening.

4. When you are exercising. When you are busy exercising, your whole body is busy, you wouldn't be able to read a book but wouldn't it be great, as your mind is free. This is a great time to enjoy an audio book.

Most people perform exercises for many minutes or even hours while their minds do nothing. But listening to an audio book during this time ensures you don't waste those times that you exercise.

This couldn't be a better example of killing 2 birds with one stone, a workout for your mind and body!

5. On the road commuting, his could either be in your personal car or a commercial bus or train ride to work. So much time is wasted while commuting to work.

Why not use that time to listen to an audio book, especially one that develops your mind and/or improve your professional and business skills?

As an example, while listening to your favorite music is a lot of fun, just imagine how great it would be to be able to listen to an audio book that will actually improve your skills, this could be a benifit for your career.

6. While travelling in the air, There are a lot of people who actually spend much more time in the air than in a car. There are professional assignments that involve traveling from one state to the other, or even from one country to the other.

If you are in such a situation, consider the enormous benefits you would get listening to audio books, especially those that improve your professional skills.

Yes, there are many audio book courses made specifically for professionals to improve their skills in many areas of their professions.

An excellent source that I have found for audio book downloads is Spoken Network. You can find them at: