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by seph

Life’s Darkest Moments Call Us To Be Strong

2:46 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

You have got to love the game.

Without that love, you will be pounding the pavement unhappy step after sad step wishing you were doing something else. What’s the point in that? That should be the 1st indicator that you should be doing something different – if you feel disgust in going in to do the work.

Step into this moment.

You know, the instant where you grin while in the struggle, enjoy the agony, scoff at how hard it is and challenge yourself to keep going. Some can be methodical about their goals and dreams but for me, I am acting like life is one big stage and there is a grand orchestra behind me playing all different types of tunes.

I am, for the first time, dancing through life now. Some periods of time are slower, some much faster…but I’m dancing nevertheless.

You will always remember the people that were there to congratulate you when you achieved your dream. Unfortunately, that isn't always who you believed it was meant to be. But that is ok. They'll turn out differently in some ways – often for the better and sometimes for the worse. But that’s life. That’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Every day I'm going a tiny bit more deeply into trying hard to be the individual I want to be and bring out the good characteristics in myself that were hidden for such a long time. I am learning. There are infrequently days when I don’t travel deep into the rabbit hole and search for things hidden deep within. I am not sure if I may have it truly any other way. In fact , that journey has been going on for virtually 5 years now and it’s impossible to imagine that I’ll ever go back to the beginning… to that man before the one I’ve turned I’m today. One thing I know for sure is that I haven’t spent any time finding myself, but instead have spent almost all of my time making myself. I believe there’s a massive difference there.

It’s making versus finding… because in all truth, I really didn’t have anything to actually “find. ” I had to drop everything I had learned to become and everything I presumed I should be so as to become the type of man I had always dreamed of – not the individual society or others told me I should be…but who I knew I could become deep down inside.

I mess up. Occasionally I come off too vulnerable or start pouring things out too early. But I do not run frightened anymore. I used to – I used to be scared of everything. Scared of making mistakes…scared of myself…scared of losing…scared of abandonment…and I finally discovered certain methods to drop those one at a time because they turn your life quickly into nothing. They take everything out of you and there you are…just one big ball of being scared.

Our lives are a collection of interpretations of what truly is actually going down in truth. We bring with us stories and past events that shape what something means to us when it happens in the moment and that customarily dictates how we act. If we can change that interpretation, we will be able to change our whole world.

You have to love the game.

This game of life. Without love…then what? What’s the point if you don’t love what you are doing?

A last thing – if you go hard in life and do everything rooted in love and keenness, it's going to be pretty difficult to knock yourself when you cross the finish line, no matter the circumstances. Just keep that in the back of your mind for a while.

Screw up going 100%. Sure there will be incredible wipeouts, but you will recover and be on your merry way again.

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by seph

The Art Of Facing Your Most Brutal Nightmare

2:47 am in Pyschology That Helps by seph

We each have these vital moments that we reach in our lives. Fortunately, for some, it happens earlier than later. For others…it takes years on years to reach that place. But we all reach that place. We all come to the point where we know, inside the depths of our hearts, that things must change. This desire for change is like nothing you’ve experienced before. There’s a different type of energy to it. There is a different feeling to it altogether.

You have to do the most scary thing you will ever do – face your greatest nightmare…yourself.

My moment came in late 2011 and it was not by choice. I recollect standing in that apartment, hearing words that I wouldn’t forget, and literally watching myself from above crumble. I manipulated everything about myself in that minute. I compromised. I did everything and anything I could. In the final analysis, I’ll always remember that feeling of turning to ashes. It wasn’t the moment of losing myself that did it, no, that was just the match. It was the complete mounting up of dry leaves and hay from years and years of neglect…and that small match was everything in took to spark something that would redefine me from that moment on.

That was only the beginning of everything, 7 days later, it reached its lowest point. Definitely rock-bottom. I made a request to the heavens in that wretched black dark room, it wasn’t granted, and I woke up late the day after looking at a crumbled landscape…with the understanding that I could take the time to reconstruct my complete world the way I wanted it.

But I would have to face myself.

More importantly, I would need to burn everything down that I ever supported myself with. I would learn the way to support myself for once, to not blame everything on others, to be accountable for my whole entire life, and to eventually let everything that was locked up and caged in me out. It had to all come out.

You see, when you build walls to keep things out, you also build walls to keep the superb things in you from ever reaching anybody. Love was walled in…hurt was walled out. Pain was kept away from me…joy stayed covered under the dust. I ran from fear…so my certainty and grounding evaded my life like the plague. I had to tear everything down. I had to tear my ego down. I had to tear down my projections. I had to rip apart everything and start over completely.

I did that. I started writing. I started being truthful about what was going on with me. I built everything back, stone by stone on a different foundation. My backbone and my heart would be the dense iron place from which I would create.

What I realized on the way was this – those places you are scared to go, that’s where your nightmare lives. It crawls around in that space. It’s this thick dark leaking sort of pain that may frighten you to death. It frightens you because it makes you think that if you go there you will get caught in it and drown. The truth of the matter is, that’s where your strength is. There’s unthinkable amounts of strength in going there. Just as there is strength in great and deep faith and light, there’s equal amounts of strength in going to the place that ravishes your heart with fear…and yet when you go through those places you develop this sort of belief in yourself that’s beyond confidence. It’s the sort of feeling that you know that everything around you could be destroyed, and you most definitely could build it all back no matter the situation.


Actual power.

“Take from me everything world, and I am going to come back and build it back better…and regardless of how you challenge me…I will absolutely continue to shine. “

Face your worst nightmare. Face your fears. Do not ever be frightened to let everything go for the chance to build it back better. Need love in your life? You are going to have to let go of everything on the opposite end that has been impedeing you. You are going to have to dive deep …down into the depths of your soul, lantern in hand, without the conquering blade. No armor. No weapon. No attempt to rise above all of it.

You need to go in naked and vulnerable.

You can come out. You may cry, suffer, and hurt…but you’ll come out. I’d never tell you to go anywhere that you could not come out of. I promise you, this is the one place you should go for everything to release. To build something new, to begin to live the grandest journey you might ever live…you have to go here. The shadows. The depths. The darkness.

I can tell you…this place, is where life begins.

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