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Columbus Martial Arts Events And More

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Mixed martial arts draws athletes and spectators of all types, from the young to the old. With all of the varied styles available it isn’t any surprise so many folks can find a martial sport they like. Catch sizzling action or try out some moves personally at one of many locations or events for Martial-arts Sports in Columbus. Whether or not it is regular classes, training for competitions or a hot event, there’s something for everybody, no matter the skill level. From Jiu Jitsu in Columbus to sporting events to coaching for a wide range of selfdefense abilities, Columbus offers a full package for folks having a desire to learn mixed fighting arts.

The Arnold Martial Arts Festival

The Arnold Martial Arts Festival, named after the famous actor and ex Governor of California Arnold Schwarzeneger, happens every first weekend of the month of March and has the capity to accomodate more than 18.000 competitors of all kinds of fighting arts, including Kickboxing, Judo, Jiu Jitso and more.

Columbus MMA

Catch the most recent MMA in Columbus action at Columbus MMA. Featuring over 1,700 sq. Feet of mat space, Columbus MMA has a packed weekly schedule with classes designed for a wide selection martial arts learners, from the youngest of amateurs to the most highly seasoned veterans. In addition, they have classes 6 weekdays, and also offers open mat time on Sundays.

Central Ohio Martial Arts

Targeting self-defense rather than competitions, Laura A. Clements believes in maintaining a powerful connection with Korea and frequently travels to South Korea so as to update and maintain her training. She offers first classes for free and gives family rates as well. This family owned and managed business welcomes beginners, and there aren’t any contracts or start up charges. Master Laura makes MMA in Columbus nice to learn.

Phil Resch has had an interest in Columbus sports for years. He has written op-eds and editorial pieces for many online publications. For more information about mma in Columbus, please click here and visit his site.

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Advanced Muay Thai Kickboxing Technique Revealed

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Anybody who does kickboxing Columbia knows that muay thai kickboxing is an extremely fun martial art to do. Muay thai kickboxing is great for cardio and strength training. It is an easy way to become quicker, stronger and leaner.

Muay thai kickboxing is also very technical.  The practitioner’s placement of their fists needs to be precise when punching. When throwing a punch the thumb should be angled downward to provide more rotation and speed behind the punch. The shoulder should be providing some protection to the face when the arms are extended from punching. The roundhouse kicks should rely on hip rotation into the opponent. Roundhouse kicks that have proper hip rotation behind them can leave some people crippled from all that force. When shielding a leg kick the practitioner should raise the knee up to their elbow at a 45 degree angle to block the attack. Having the knee raised in front of them would just give the opponent the opportunity to kick their body and spin them around.

Kickboxing Columbia teaches their students some advanced techniques once they can understand and perform the basics proficiently. In this article will be instructions on how to execute a more advanced muay thai combination. This combination is easy to do at home and should be incorporated into shadowboxing so it becomes second nature. The combination is the 1-2, slip 2, and 3-2 counter.

1. Throw the Jab: Remember to keep your elbows in as you throw your punch and rotate your hand so that the thumb is pointing downward as your strike your opponent.

2. Throw the Cross: Now throw the cross, which is the power punch. Turn the hips toward the opponent and rotate the rear foot to ease the hip rotation.

3. Slip 1: Slip the opponents jab by tilting the head to outside of the fist. Maintain shoulder with footing and be sure to keep balance during the slip.

4. Slip 2: Slip the opponents cross by tilting the head to the outside of the fist. In doing so the setup for the counter is available.

5. Hook: On the outside of the opponent’s cross hand, the best counter is now the hook. When throwing the hook rotate on the balls of your feet, and be sure to elevate your elbow 90 degrees.

6. Cross: Now finish the combination by striking with a cross.

Kickboxing Columbia students drill this technique at home and in the classroom for accelerated mastery of the technique.

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Getting Started With The Right Martial Arts Equipment

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A common question that I hear from people who are just starting at my Columbia martial arts school is “What equipment do I need?” Women especially want to know what they should wear to train in and what other supplies they will need to be successful. There are a few crucial items a women will need to train in Muay thai and Brazilian jiu jitsu, two of the most popular styles right now.

Muay Thai, a form of kickboxing often trained by MMA fighters, requires less supplies and can be easily purchased. Any comfortable workout clothing is good for Muay Thai or other kickboxing styles.. It can be something as simple as a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt or something like a whole uniform of under armor design. It really doesn’t matter as long as you can move easily around in it.

One thing that women need to be more conscious of in muay thai is wearing just shorts. Muay thai requires alot of kicking, so many women wear spandex shorts under their regular shorts. The only other things needed to train in muay thai are hand wraps and boxing gloves. These can be easily purchased often from your martial arts school, a sporting store, or online. These come in all kinds of colors which often is more appealing to women than men, but adds a little fun to the mix. To train in this martial art, you generally will only need one set of hand wraps and gloves. If you begin training more often you may want to look into purchasing a second pair pair of handwraps because they do need to be washed every so often so this would allow you to switch them out whenever you need to.

The supplies needed for Brazilian jiu jitsu are just as easy. The main thing that you need is a gi, which includes the top, the pants, and the belt. A gi requires a little more attention when purchasing it because it needs to be a specific size. Pick these up at your local martial arts training center or just hop onto the world wide web..  I have purchased all my gis at my Columbia BJJ school for convenience sakes; I was able to try a few different ones on to find the one that fit me best.

If you choose to purchase your gi online it is important to select the right size. The quantity of Gis that are hanging in your closet is proportional to how often you will be training.. Because gis need to be washed after being worn during training, it makes sense to purchase at least two gis if you will be training regularly.. So if you’re training everyday and only have one gi, you would have to wash it everyday which can get to be a serious chore. Spandex shorts and tops, worn underneath the gi, are also preferred by women grapplers.. While sparring the pants may come loose or untied so having the shorts underneath protects you from anyone seeing anything they shouldn’t. The last thing you need for jiu jitsu is optional. A mouth guard will protect you while you are sparring, but it takes time to get use to. Dicks, Sports Authority, or any sporting goods shop will have these.. Women generally wonder right away what they will need to train and be successful. Women can just take a trip to a local sports store or martial arts school to get everything they need to get started..

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How To Strike With More Power

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When you learn kickboxing onlinelearn  there are a few areas in which you need to ensure that you have good techniques. Things like power and accuracy are some of the attributes you need. However if you develop them in the wrong order long term it can lead to bad habits.


Once where happy with the form and speed of the technique then we can start focus on adding more power to the skill or technique. To hit a target as fast as you can won’t have much effect in a real self defence situation if there is no power in your strikes. To start adding more power focus on bending your knees slightly and digging your toes in the floor, it’s what boxers call sitting down in your technique. To add power into your technique you need to hit targets, a kick shield, focus pad or bag will help in this area. Focus your mind on going through the target with your technique and relaxing your body and only tensing your muscles at the exact moment of impact.


In self defense situations it’s often not what you strike with but where you strike that has the most effect. For example if you punch someone in the face it may not have as much effect if you struck someone in the throat. So when practicing your techniques be aware where you are striking because muscle memory can set in, if you shadow your front kick and you strike the chest area it’s going to be a natural reaction to hit this area in a fight as oppose to a more effective area to strike such as the groin.

You can develop accuracy through martial arts home training and shadowing by visualizing your opponent and making it real in your mind and be aware of your target area you aim to strike. Do it in your mind first by visualizing, imagine striking with power, imagine what effect this strike has on your opponent or attacker, and then actually do it for real, you will see a big difference in your performance.

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Beginners Training Kicks Tips

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A great deal has been written and said about kicking in today’s age of modern martial artists. Many people who are cross training seem to mainly focus on low Thai kicks because of their effectiveness and they present less risk of being taken to the ground by the grappler.

When it comes to kicking you really have to decide what your purposes are for learning kickboxing online, it might be that the art you practice in encompasses a lot of kicking. If you are aiming for competition then kicking might be an important element, or you may be hooked on the chop soky movies and like all the flamboyant kicks which are generally kicks.

When I was a junior, kicking was my best technique and I quickly realised that I also need to be able to punch after being beaten by the puncher on several occasions. I then set about developing my hands to the same level as my kicks to be an all round fighter through martial arts training online.

I personally enjoy kicking very much and find it rewarding, I am confident enough of my kicking ability in a real situation, because I have had the unfortunate pleasure of using them on several occasions, but you must train your kicks for this test and not just competition to give yourself any chance of success.

Front Kick

The front kick is a good powerful kick that is good for stopping attacker coming towards you. Practice chambering your knee, so your knee faces the ceiling. Extend your leg out bending your toes back and striking with the ball of the foot. Keep your hands up and if kicking with the back leg change your guard over. You can snap your kick or push kick (we will go into different ways to kick in a latter column). Good areas to strike are shin, knee, groin, bladder and abdominals.