Selecting The Right Exercise Bike

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Selecting an indoor exercise bike should be a fun and informative experience. Make sure to go online and do a little research about which type of indoor exercise bike will fit your needs. The two choices available are upright bikes, which are more like traditional road bikes, and recumbent bikes. Recumbent bikes allow the rider to sit in a slightly reclined position and project their legs and feet forward, much like sitting in an automobile seat.

Test Ride Before You Buy

Remember to “try before you buy” when shopping for an indoor exercise bike. If you take the time to go to a brick and mortar sporting goods store to take a test ride, you won’t regret it. Take a pad of paper to record your findings, as well as your research data. Now, head to your local sporting goods store to test out a few models of indoor bikes.

Pedals & Seat

Check the seat to determine if it is properly aligned and adjusted for your height. It is best to seek the assistance of a sales person to educate you on how to adjust the seat. Take a moment to get a general overview of the bike you are test riding. Keeping your knees slightly bent at the maximum downward part of the crank rotation, will be easier on you. Placing your heel on the pedal with your leg straightened out would be a good test for this. Place the ball of your foot on the pedal, then, rotate the crank. There should be a bit of flex still remaining in your knee to prepare for the upward return of the crank rotation. Slightly bent knees at the downward most part of the crank rotation prevents workout fatigue. If you experience pain towards the front of your knee, then you have “too much” bend in your leg throughout the crank rotation. Readjust for a slightly straighter leg by raising the seat.

Next, the pedals should fit your feet. Pushing downward with the balls of your feet, your toes should be able to drop slightly floor-ward. During the complete cycle of the pedal rotation, check to see if your feet are secure. Because your are simulating a walking stride, your heel should be able to move a bit during the pedal rotation.

Bike Features

Check the features offered on the indoor bike. Adequate back lighting and crystal clear readouts are a must on the display console. You should be able to easily read the statistical information with just a glance. Statistical data displayed usually include heart-rate, calories burned, speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), resistance levels and the details of time and distance. Accessing the controls should be easy and require little effort to engage.

Programmed Workout Settings

Does the unit provide any pre-programmed workouts? Do the programs lend themselves to different workout intensities and fitness levels? A machine which allows you to begin at your current fitness level and then adjusts to higher levels, is ideal. Program variety assists you in realizing your health and fitness goals by maintaining your interest. Several indoor bike models permit you to program your own personal data into the computer. You can input your age, weight and gender so you can opt for the properly controlled workout intensity for your current level of fitness.

Heart Rate Monitors

Sensors in the handle grips of most exercise bikes monitor heart-rate. These types of heart-rate monitors can impede your workout flow by forcing you to keep your hands on the handle bars. Utilizing a chest strap monitor, such as a Polar chest strap, allows for hands-free heart-rate monitoring.

Most exercise bikes have come to use both “Touch” and “Telemetry” to measure your heart rate. This means you can use either the handgrips to monitor your heart rate (“Touch”), or you can use a chest strap transmitter (“Telemetry”). Several of the higher-end exercise bikes even offer a free chest strap transmitter with the purchase of your new bike.

Resistance Levels

Resistance levels should be easily adjusted and provide a variety of intensities. Several bikes contain electronic resistance controls which shift intensity levels smoothly and quietly. Verify that the exercise bike employs magnetic resistance instead of brush resistance. Brushes wear out rapidly and are much noisier. Proven durability and whisper levels of noise output are characteristics of magnetic resistance.

Extra Features

Water bottle holders, book rests or interactive video games are extra features available on most indoor exercise bikes. These potential distractions may prevent you from increasing your workout intensity, according to some exercise purists. Pushing your cardiovascular system to its maximum and assisting you in realizing your workout potential is the purpose of any home exercise equipment.

Verify that the exercise bike comes with a safety lock. Safety locks prevent the indoor exercise bike’s wheel from rotating while not in use. This vital feature prevents unintended harm of children. Unmonitored home exercise equipment injures children every year. Home exercise equipment should be locked or locked away in an inaccessible room so that children do not get harmed.

Warranty Information

Lastly, make certain that you understand the manufacturer’s warranty. Some brick and mortar retail stores’ warranties for their indoor exercise bikes supercede the manufacturer’s warranty. This means that instead of two to three years of coverage, you may only get one. Know what parts are covered and the duration of that coverage. Standard indoor exercise bike warranties offer 2 to 3 years coverage on major moving parts and one year for labor.

Shop on the Web

Before purchasing any exercise equipment, do your due diligence by checking out online retailer’s offers. There are many websites that showcase Exercise Bikes and Fitness Equipment. These online retailers assist you with tools to compare costs, shipping charges, set up fees, return policies and warranties. By purchasing through them, many online retailer’s offer “online only” deals on shipping and set up fees. You can also check out other customer reviews on the different models of exercise bikes. These reviews can enhance “peace of mind” when you purchase your new indoor bike. Please feel free to visit our website, FitForLifeAtLast, to learn more about Exercise Bikes, and other quality fitness equipment. Here’s to Your Health!