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Are Powertec Home Gyms Really Worth The Price?

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In the world of exercise, strength, and routine, nothing makes life easier than having your own gym. But with so many contenders out there, how can you know which home gym is for you? As you read through this article you can be sure to find quite a bit of interesting information in regards to Powertec home gyms, their products, and even some nifty accessories that can be a big help for any one utilizing a home gym.

To begin, Powertec home gyms are not just a dime a dozen. There are 3 main gyms on their product line and an even new “build your own home gym”. The workbench multi-system, along with the Workbench lever system 2011, and workbench lever system 2013 are tope of the line gyms. Just some benches and racks included are an Olympic bench, a half rack, and multi-press. That is not even half of the racks included, and we are not even touching on the weights, workbench accessories, and strength classics.

Powertec home gyms also have quite a few years on their belt when it comes to building equipment. They are definitely not the new kid on the block when it comes to quality and durability. In one of the most demanding markets that obliges one to perfection, they are quite experienced in what they make and how they make it.

Whether you have heard of them on the radio, seen their site online, or seen a local commercial, powertec home gyms surely have a lot of people talking about them. With a large customer base, an even larger selection to choose from and a serious name backing them, it is not all just hype. Powertec home gyms are a serious contender in the world of strength, exercise and routine.

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Carl Lee helps with a Home Gyms Review Site that educates people about the different benefits associated with various Home Gyms. For a quick overview watch this video about: The Total Gym XLS. Also, you can read the main product page here:

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Stay Fit With A Home Gym

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Today, luckily for those concerned about fitness, there is a wide range of quality equipment that is both affordable and really useful. Of course, there is hype. There is gear that could never live up to some advertising claims. But those are the exception. Most offer great value for years of use.

Treadmills are popular and still gaining ground. Elliptical trainers, once suspect, have now firmly proven their worth. A rowing machine is a much more common item in a home gym than ever before. You can fool some of the people some of the time. But the widespread popularity of these items is no accident. They deliver.

Even simple dumbbells or free weights – relatively inexpensive and simple to use – continue to deliver good value. They have a range of motion not matched by anything else. The weight can be gradually increased as you improve, or scaled back when need be, say after an injury or when they’re used by more than one person in the home. Resistance bands can also increase strength and enhance joint health, and can be purchased in a range suitable for different individuals.

Weight machines take the values attainable to the next level. While they can be expensive, those who have them definately believe the money is well spent. They offer a variety of stations that permit a range of exercises in a safe, fast and easy to use setting. A weight machine will be a great addition to the home gym for many years.

Several other pieces of equipment usually found in the complete home gym likewise continue to deliver value because they’re perfect for low-impact exercise. Stair steppers or climbers, aerobic riders, stationary bikes or spinning cycles, and more give a nice cardio workout and burn calories as they strengthen and tone.

Pilates equipment has increasingly come to be included among this group, also. As the range of Pilates exercises grows, the need for equipment increases. To get the most out of your home gym, you’ll want to include things like a magic ring, a Pilates ball or even a reformer.

To measure the results you receive a few fitness accessories are always helpful. Some, such as a heart rate monitor, are often included as part of a treadmill or elliptical or other equipment. Those available as stand alone items are sometimes lower cost and more accurate, though.

When you begin to outfit your home gym you’ll need to consider a variety of factors. Money is always a concern. But sheer price means not much without considering quality and safety and other important aspects.

The main criterion, though, may well be just how much enjoyment and value you get from your home gym fitness equipment. After all, if you don’t use it, it isn’t doing you any good.

Luckily, but not accidentally, a majority of the gear that is on the market today is high quality, long lasting and reasonably priced considering how long it lasts. They’re also a nice deal considering how much they do for your health, self-esteem and overall well-being.

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Why You Should Have Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

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Product Features

Removes the need to utilize various dumbbells that clutter the exercise session area Permits you to instantly switch from training to a different Each dumbbell can alter from five – five.25 lbs Combines fifteen sets of weights to one via using an fantastic dial method Bodyweight plates has a 5-year warranty, 2-year minimal warranty on sections.

It’s very flexible for every day use.

You may be questioning just which kind of advantages you can get if you purchase your personal bowflex 552 dumbbells. To answer your query, simply just refer to this record underneath and you will find out just how beneficial this performing exercises tools is. The tools delivers adjustable dumbbells. As its identify indicates, the SelectTech dumbbells are extremely versatile because they provide you regulate over the load on the instrument. The product or service features a exclusive dial method which makes it achievable to collect 15 types of excess weight in potent machines. You may established them anywhere from five to fifty two.five pounds, moreover you could possibly alter in 2.5-pound increments for that first twenty five lbs so can increase your shape energy competently. It could possibly save room. The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells also are extremely space-saving-taking up only 24 x 22 x fourteen inches of space in your home.

Layout Updates

Additionally they glance pretty classy and elegant. They seem much less strong than regular weights but it is a structure function that does not translate into lower good quality. They’ve been regarded to final for ages and, thanks to various advancements during the passing a long time, have already been enhanced tremendously since previously versions. Their prior weights had a plastic locking mechanism which produced consumers fearful of breakage. This has now been changed having a secure locking mechanism.

Bowflex dumbbells are resilient and compact, which can make it worth the number you have invested for it. Apart from this, what’s more, it makes it possible for you to definitely instantly modify your resistance according to your individual choices. With its extraordinary dial, it is possible to easily moyen fifteen sets of weights to accomplish your exercise routine work outs. Its exclusive style also permits you to definitely eradicate the need to implement several dumbbells, which in turn permit you to have a cleaner and uncluttered exercise space. As these dumbbells have many warranties, you could be certain that you just will never really have to fret whenever you order it.
It won’t take up large area.

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells are perfect for any one who’s seeking a finish work out products that doesn’t clutter the house. Here is the clear solution for many who are irritated by possessing numerous dumbbells lying round the residence as the Bowflex brings together all of your weights into a person, consequently preserving you lots of room. Hectic people today can even certainly value this item mainly because it makes it possible for them to exercise within the convenience of their personal properties instead of likely to the gym. These dumbbells are highly advised to anyone who requires durable and space-conserving work out machines that’s cost-effective concurrently.

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Equiping A Home Gym

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You should want to get the utmost out of your fitness routines, so you must consider equipping a home gym. Since it can become a substantial investment, you’ll want to take it in stages, making the right choices at every step.

Almost all people will first consider getting a treadmill. That’s an excellent choice. They provide superb cardiovascular benefits, help strengthen and tone several muscle groups and can burn calories like mad. But, because of the cost, this might not be the piece of gear to start with first.

An aerobic rider is a good place to start, even though that piece of gear is not absolutely essential. It has real benefits for those just starting out and a used one can be purchased for less than $50.

To build muscle and improve coordination and joint stability, a good set of weights is a must. To save money, it’s possible to start small with a few neoprene dumbbell sets of varying weights. But soon, you’ll want to graduate to an interchangeable outfit, especially the type with plates or discs that can be used either on dumbbells or barbells.

If you have the budget (and interest) you might take the plunge and go for a weight machine or home gym. That investment is better made after you’ve used one at the public gym at least a few times, though. Once you decide to go for it, make sure to get one with at least a few stations. You don’t want your interest to lessen out of lack of variety after only a few weeks or months.

A good weight machine will cost at least a few hundred dollars, probably closer to $1,000 or more. That’s a significant investment, but a good machine will work for you and maintain your interest for years. You can increase strength in every muscle group and a good one will have enough variety to do a few dozen different exercises. Some will even include a rowing machine as part of the equipment.

An elliptical trainer is another favorite, even though they too can be pricey. They provide not only first class cardio benefits, but enable a whole range of exercises. The focus is on leg development, but with a decent pair of handles you can also work back muscles, deltoids, pecs, biceps and more.

One choice, or addition, is Nordic ski machines. They may seem like a specialty item, since they’re designed to emulate cross-country skiing and you may not be into that. But the types of motion used are like that employed in using an elliptical trainer. Emphasis is on leg development, but with simulated pole motion you can get some back and arm exercises too.

The most vital aspect of outfitting a home gym, though, isn’t the money you spend or the gear you buy. Those aren’t unimportant, but they’re not the key. The idea is to obtain quality gear that you will enjoy using.

According to numerous official studies the major reason most people stop working out is lost motivation. That can be brought on by injury, lack of variety or other factors. A proper home gym plan will keep you using that equipment you spent so much research time investigating and money buying.

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The Four Standard Exercise Essentials For Your Home

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First of all, you check on the area you could work on. You can get equipment that does not take a huge amount of space. Also, consider getting an apparatus that allows multiple functions. This would be great use of the space and would also be beneficial for your workout. Here are some of the best essential home gym equipment that can help you take the first step to healthy living.


Home Workout Essential Number 1: Dumbbells

Dumbbells have been one of the key tools for exercise. You can condition different muscles of the body with the use of dumbbells through the help of different exercise forms and positions. These tools also improve the intensity of your work out by gradually increasing the weights.


Ready-made dumbbells can be purchased depending on the weight you’re looking for. This would be effective in workouts as the different sizes and great features, like better grip handles, would be available for you. The actual negative aspect will be the space. You have to pick a new rack to be able to store your ready-made dumbbells.


It’s also possible to opt for changeable dumbbells. You can increase and decrease the amount of weight by removing a plate or adding another. This is better for storage compared to the purchase of multiple ready-made dumbbells. Also, if you need to increase your weights, you can simply buy additional plates to raise the level higher.


If you’re planning on making a good investment and money is not an option, get yourself a set of Powerblock dumbbells. This doesn’t take much space, plus it’s more compact and more convenient compared with adjustable dumbbells. You just regulate the actual pin to add or lessen a weight load. It also neatly stores in one area and doesn’t roll around the floor like a usual dumbbell.


Home Workout Essential Number 2: Adjustable Bench

Do chest press, chest fly, crunches and triceps curls. You can do modified chest presses and focus on different fibers of your pectorals by adjusting the incline or decline of the bench. You can use the declined bench for crunches and sit-ups to condition your abs.It’s also possible to find benches that double as a chair to help you during seated triceps curls. This can be awesome because it supplies good back sustain.


Acquiring a good adaptable bench means that you can accomplish more exercises compared to basically dumbbells on it’s own. Obtaining a bench is nearly 2nd impulse whenever acquiring a couple of dumbbells. The greater versatile your bench is, the greater workouts you would be able to accomplish.


Home Workout Essential Number 3: Olympic Barbell Set

So you already have an adjustable bench, why not elevate your strength training further? This would let you workout just like a professional.


You can get Olympic Barbell Sets available in any local sporting goods store at reasonable prices. Make sure you get one with a good, firm and sturdy rod that doesn’t easily bend when carrying heavy loads. it’s possible to get a good set with good grips and good handles.


Getting it from your local store would be better than buying it online. You’ll likely possibly be paying out far more for shipping and delivery for the reason that vendors will impose a fee by the pound.


Home Workout Essential Number 4: Power Rack

You already had this coming. Getting a power rack would be great for you as it helps you to full-body exercises from pull-up, chin-ups, abdominal workout, lift weights and do barbell squats.


The power rack has built in set bars that allow you to lift good amount of weights without the need for a spotter. You are able to integrate your Olympic barbell set in the power cage to get this done. You can use bicep curls as well as barbell squats. Make use of your current flexible bench to carry out chest squeezes. Be it inclined, vertical or perhaps declined, you can definitely execute a lot correctly with all the power cage.


Power racks not only add more dimensions to your weight training, they also allow you to do more exercises by incorporating the three other essential equipment previously mentioned. A power rack should have dip bars and pull up bars. Perform abdominal crunches just like Batman! The possibilities are endless.


With these key gym equipment to start your home gym, you can definitely do any workout routine regardless of any strength level. Make investments in other machines which usually does much more to your training. Uncover machines that could imitate your own mobility or maybe your balance. Part of balance training requires a medicine ball, which really isn’t expensive. You can replace the bench with a medicine ball when doing your chest presses with dumbbells, modified push-ups or triceps curls. You’ll find medicine balls in different sizes. Special features like burst-resistant would be great for your safety.


Take note that these equipment aren’t worth it, unless you put them to good use. You may have the expensive equipment however don’t have the drive to work hard. Next the benefits will not likely come. Make sure you also check with your trainer, check with your physician and get a balanced diet. The key to healthy living is being dedicated to it and doing it right. Exercise equipment can actually do so substantially. One of the best things to have is a healthy, working body.

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Benefits Of Elliptical Machines

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In the history of fitness and aerobics, elliptical machines are the only aerobic products who made a breakthrough. Almost all gyms, fitness clubs and even homes have already acquired their own elliptical machines. Elliptical machines continue to be popular. Users and buyers of these machines even reached 2.8 million in 2005.

Why are elliptical machines popular? What do users get from them? There are many benefits that can be enjoyed by using an elliptical machine.

Elliptical machines are able to provide healthy bodies by maintaining a healthy bone density. Researches have shown that the bone density has an impact on how healthy the person would become. A person is healthy if he has a healthy bone density.

The exercises needed to maintain a healthy bone density include running, aerobics, weight lifting and exercises where the person remains on his feet. However, these activities may cause jarred bones, which is very dangerous.

With the elliptical machine, all exercises to maintain a healthy bone density can be performed. Using an elliptical machine, the person will be standing on his own feet on a platform wherein he will be bearing weight.

Stepping up and down the platforms causes pedaling with an oval movement. This is very similar to the movement done when walking or running. This only means that the elliptical machine is able to provide the same benefits people can get with these exercises. Plus, they do not experience harmful stress that can impact the bones and muscles.

Safety is ensured with elliptical machines. Using the machine will allow a person to perform exercises smooth and flowing. This minimizes the risk of being injured when performing workouts. The muscles are safe since the pressure is evenly distributed on all the muscles of the body. This will prevent the person from stressing and harming a certain muscle group.

Elliptical machines were also proven to provide workouts best for the cardiovascular system. This is because of the many movements that can be made using the machine. All the muscles of the body are working which is good for maximizing the cardio impact in the body.

Many people would like to maintain a healthy body or even lose weight the easier way. However, they would not like to risk the benefit they can get in doing harder exercises. With the elliptical machines, users are able to do exercises the easy way without sacrificing the amount of weight they would lose.

Many manufacturers have developed elliptical machines and incorporated high technology with them. Many were designed to provide natural motion of body when using the machine. They may be priced higher than other aerobic products but people can be assured that the physical benefits they would like to get will not be neglected.

Buyers can choose from a wide variety of elliptical machines that are now sold in the market. They may come in different forms, in prices and most are incorporated with the highest technology there is in aerobic products. People may still opt to buy the more traditional elliptical machines, which continue to be bestsellers.

Elliptical machines will continue to develop and provide optimum workout for its users. These machines will continue to grow in popularity since they appeal to almost all users. Anyone who uses the machine can be assured of a total workout and the same time will allow burning of fat and calories.

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Benefit From Using Home Gym Equipment

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Nearly everyone today has been educated on the benefits of getting regular exercise. Yet still there are an average of sixty percent of American adults not getting enough exercise, while twenty-five percent of the population isn’t active at all. Whether this comes in the form of housecleaning for an hour or strength training at the gym–exercise keeps your muscles strong, your heart strong, and your body in shape. You may find that having home gym equipment to exercise on is a great way of staying active so that you can stay healthy.

Doctors have found that the more active you are the healthier you are in many studies. There is a direct correlation between physical activity on that home gym equipment and a lowered risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and muscle, bone and joint problems. Also if this wasn’t all ready enough to have you looking up home gym equipment reviews on the internet, exercise can literally make you feel better mentally and emotionally.

Plus you don’t have to exercise for hours a day every day of the week to receive these benefits. Most doctors suggest that you exercise three to five times a week for about a half an hour each time to remain happy and healthy. On a piece of your home gym equipment that’s only one and a half to two and a half hours of exercise each week. More than likely you’ll get addicted to the exercise once you get into a routine and end up exercising more than that on a weekly basis.

Anyone can benefit from the exercise that they get from using home gym equipment. As mentioned previously there are many home gym equipment reviews available online for you to look at in order to get an understanding of the wide variety and availability of home gym equipment on the market.

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What You Should Know About Home Gyms

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The many people that visit a gym will have some diverse goals in mind. Some people are working on building a body that will perform at peak energy levels, while others might be training for an upcoming sporting event.  No matter what your objective is for working out, it is important.  Even though fitness is important, today’s busy lifestyles make it challenging to find the time to go to the gym. With so many objectives and challenges, it can be difficult to fit everything into a 24 hour day.

The miracle of the home gyms is that you can achieve the workout in the comfort of your home. This is important, since you can choose the hours you will work out in line with other personal goals. You probably have lofty goals, and you want to exercise and build every muscle in your body. You want to build your upper and lower muscles, lose weight and have that macho look. Looking good is at the top of your mind. You want to build the muscles and increase your energy levels. Home gyms offer the opportunity to achieve all this in the comfort of your home and within the time slot of your choice.

Once you decide, you must then take steps in the right direction and look forward towards an all round workout machine. Understanding that you have inadequate time to visit your local gym you may decide that a home work out machine is the best solution. In your curiosity you may have shopped online and come across such helpful equipment as the Bowflex Home Gyms that have a wide range of products with different workouts and at diverse prices.

Home gyms are designed to achieve certain objectives. The design may aim at building your muscles, and working your upper or lower body. You need to exercise your whole body, and you definitely want to see an improvement in every sphere in an all-round sort of workout. Some home gyms will be limited in their scope, developing either the upper or lower muscles. Some will come with different equipment for the lower body and another for the upper body. However, some equipment will go a step further in developing products that  meet an all round work out, such as the Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym with Core and Abs workout as well as the Cardio workouts accompanied by a traditional upper and lower body workout all in one.

As you contemplate having your own home gym you may need to understand how the machine works to avoid injuries and to benefit fully from your workout session. An instructional manual and an Audio-Visio aid might come in handy as you appreciate more how your home gym works. Most of this equipment, like the Bowflex Home Gym, have developed a comprehensive manual and give a free DVD alongside the equipment sold showing different work out sessions.

It’s hard to come up with a clear comparative pricing given the variance in the functions of the various work out machines. Your budget should be determined basically by the objective of your work out and how much you are willing to spare. Overall, home gyms vary from basic to complex equipment. There is a price for every goal we want to achieve and a variety of equipment will come with different price tags.

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A Look At The Practical And Efficient Home Fitness Equipment

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Exercise and eat right something most of us have trouble doing due to many reasons, which we invoke rather then them being real. It is a fact that we all lead busy lives that require us multitasking most of the times; it is also true that we get tired and that most of the times we don’t feel like exercising or remembering about a diet when a rich chocolate cake is being offered but, it also only takes one step in order for you to lead a better and healthier life.

Even though there are a number of gyms and fitness clubs in every city sometimes getting to one seems impossible especially after you have already spent hours in the traffic getting to and from work or running errands. So, why not get a home gym and exercise at your convenience and when you are ready; here are some tips and suggestions for the most practical and efficient home fitness equipment such as a treadmill that is guaranteed to bring you results.

When exercising on your own always try to keep it simple and entertaining in order for you to want to get back to your exercises as often as possible. Start with something simple yet extremely result oriented like yoga and Pilates; for these exercise procedures all the home fitness equipment you will need is a mat and comfortable clothes as stretching is extremely important in both procedures.

If you feel that some stubborn areas are not targeted such as the abs, you can purchase the easy to use abs machine that can usually fold away once you have finished your exercise routine. Another great addition to your home fitness equipment is the fitness ball, which will provide a workout for the entire body and can also be used as a chair when you don’t exercise thus, you can leave it around even after you are done exercising, plus it will always be a reminder that you have to exercise on the days that you are looking for an excuse.

Weights can be your nest add on if you feel your arms need more work out then provided by the exercise routine you are following; weights can be easily stored away when you are done exercising as well and provide a quick yet targeted workout. If however, you are not the yoga and Pilates type then a treadmill or better still an elliptical workout machine will be the best home fitness equipment to invest in. Both these machines provide an entire body workout without putting any part of your body under pressure, for example, you can start by power walking on the treadmill and work your way up from there and on the elliptical machine you can increase the grades as you go along.

Always keep in mind your present heath condition; weight and height in order to calculate your ideal weight but also a practical plan to get there. Exercising and eating right will achieve you the weight you desire but not overnight so, workout as often as possible and set goals that you can achieve.

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8 Cheap Home Gym Essentials

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As nice as it would be to grab yourself a Total Gym, not everyone has the money to drop on one. You can put together a cheap home gym that gets the job done if you acquire the essentials. As prolonged as you stick with the proven equipment list – and stay away from the latest ab-flexor- you can’t go wrong.

The following are my 8 residence gymnasium must-haves:

1) Dumbbells

Dumbbells are important for the property fitness fitness center, essential for presses, arm physical exercises and even a number of core exercises. There are numerous kinds of dumbbells out there, from the affordable to the boutique. All of which fall into one of two varieties: fixed excess weight or handles only.

Handles are plate loaded. This requires you to slide the bodyweight plate on yourself and then fasten the weight with collars. Most handles are either common or Olympic. Typical are smaller in diameter than the Olympic version. You’ll wish to coordinate any plate loaded barbells you purchase along with your dumbbells. That way the plates are compatible. Regular handles start at around $8. Olympic handles are pricier and longer. This added length really takes obtaining used to on a number of physical exercises.

2) Barbells

You need a great barbell, and, like dumbbells, they come in normal and Olympic. Again, certainly be certain that they’re compatible along with your dumbbells. Even though, an Olympic bar won’t fit on a typical bench, a 7-foot normal bar will function on an Olympic bench.

A regular barbell set contains a 20 pound bar, 2 dumbbell handles (with collars) and 85 pounds of plates. A unit like this will run about $100. This isn’t a great deal of fat, so you will most likely desire to acquire more before too long.

3) Bench

In a really inexpensive property health and fitness center, you are able to use any old bench for presses and one-arm rows. Make certain that it’s 2 to three feet wide and strong. A piano bench could function if it is heavy sufficient. Otherwise, a picnic bench also works well. Get creative: you are able to put some thing under the front or rear to have an incline or a decline bench.

4) Chin Up Bar

A chin up bar could be constructed out of any material which will support your pounds. It is possible to locate a chin up bar for $10 to $40.

5) Swiss Ball

Although I think that these are somewhat overused, they can add a bit selection to your household fitness gymnasium workouts. In addition to making you look much more sophisticated by simply having it close to the property, they also enhance balance and tend to strengthen the core muscles. You are able to discover one for $20.

6) Leap Rope

Leap rope for cardio: $5. Simple.

7) Stairs

If you have a couple of stairs in your property, you may add a couple outstanding work outs. These include the lunge and the step-up. Since they elevate heart rate, both are excellent if you are performing circuit training. And, in case you live in an apartment building with numerous flights of stairs, your affordable property health and fitness center consists of a free stairclimber.

8) Yard

When you’ve got a backyard, it is possible to constantly do basketball style conditioning drills, for instance sprints and short intervals. Make certain to develop up your joints and tendons first with slower, more deliberate strength coaching to steer clear of injury. And if you have stable walls, you could bounce a medicine ball. This move is great for ab development and keeping a high heart rate.

Now that you’ve built it, do not forget to use it.