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Reishi And Owning Stress

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So in this piece we are going to find out about Reishi Mushroom, which is perhaps the biggest herb in the world. And why I say that, why I make that claim, is this herb is the most scientifically investigated of any herb ever known, ever studied. On top of that, it is one of the most respected, if not the most respected, herb of all of ancient China. And obviously that herb is none other than reishi mushroom. Again, it is one of my favourite herbs and an herb that I have worked with quite a lot during the past 8 or so years. It is one herb that I've gotten plenty of truly solid feedback about and I have heard just a lot of great success stories.

So now we are going to take a look at how reishi is an adaptagen and how it can really help us attune to stress, help our immunity mechanism, and basically aid in the attainment of good health and a long life. So first we should understand and know what's an adaptagen? An adaptagen is essentially a term or a classification of herbs which was invented in the 50′s or 60′s leaving Russian research.

Fundamentally the Russians were looking for plants and substances and actually anything they could do to get the leg up or to get an advantage on the remainder of the globe. So they discovered things like ginseng and zandra and reishi and Siberian ginseng, luthero and astragalus and many many other herbs.

They found that these herbs had a capability to help us adapt to stress and handle stress better. Whether that was the strain of daily living, the stress of high altitude, the strain of hi-performance, the stress of war, the strain of going in space, etcetera. And these are all of the reasons that explain why they needed to find these substances is because they would like to be the best. They fundamentally wanted to take over the world and they spent a lot of resources studying plants and substances which could assist them and help them in doing that. So the better news is, out of all that research, now we know what an adaptagen is and we understand how it operates. So basically again an adaptagen is a substance or a plant which helps our body adapt to stress. And because its an adaptagen, it also adapts to our metabolism, it acclimatizes to our immune system.

Meaning if we take it in the morning, it will give us a little bit of energy, or if we wake up and we are anxious, it will kind of chill us out. And if we're going to go to bed at night and we feel kind of wired, it can calm us down, relax us and help us sleep. Which actually , right now, it’s about 10pm, and I am drinking a cup of gynostemma tea. Now if I were to drink this tea first thing in the morning, I’d probably feel relaxed and chilled and a little energized. But because it is later at night, it's already causing me to feel more relaxed, making me feel more focused and calm, and essentially I'm going to be going toward bed exceedingly shortly.

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Modern Wisdom And Reishi Mushroom

7:02 pm in Weight Loss News by seph

So in this article we're going to find out more about Reishi Mushroom, which is the biggest herb on the planet. And why I say that, why I make that claim, is this herb is the most scientifically investigated of any herb ever known, ever studied. On top of that, it is one of the most revered, if not the most respected, herb of all of traditional China. And that herb is reishi mushroom. Again, it's one of my favorite herbs and an herb that I've worked with a lot during the past 8 or so years. It is one herb that I've gotten a large amount of really solid feedback about and I have heard just a large amount of great success stories.

Now next we're going to get into is some of the scientific research and scientific info that's been done on reishi in modern times. Now at that point we should probably pause and at least ask ourselves, hmmm, reishi was obviously regarded pretty tremendously in ancient times. Hmmmm, reishi is the most well-studied herb in the world. Hmmmm, there has to be something going on here.

So some of the things that reishi has been studied and been demonstrated to be effective for are the following: now again, as a disclaimer, I am glaringly not making any claims, I'm not offering any medical advice, just simply sharing what is openly available on the internet thru PubMed and Google scholar and various other erudite books. I'm not claiming that reishi cures or prevents any of these things, because I am not a doctor and I am not permitted to give medical guidance.

This is just me sharing info with you, which is pretty fascinating and cool to me and perhaps it will be the same to you. So if you were to look on say Google Scholar or PubMed or any academic book, you would see that reishi has been studied scientifically for things like skin cancer, for stuff like reducing the side effects of radiation, for things like cancers, for being a powerful anti-oxidizing agent for being a remedy or something proven to be positive against contagions, for being a powerful anti inflammatory, for being a tonic to the cardiovascular system, for helping to balance cholesterol, and for also helping to detoxify and protect the liver.

Now none of those are claims, those are just things that I came across through researching Google Scholar and PubMed and just generally researching reishi. Obviously, you can go look those things up yourself and examine it, but I just wanted to share those with you, because fundamentally what I just had done was because I found all these studies, I essentially started a large outline of all the research that is out there on reishi. So I had somebody, I hire a researcher in actual fact to brush through all of the databases and books to dig up all the studies about reishi and cancer, reishi and tumors, reishi and autoimmune sicknesses, reishi and allergies, reishi and redness, reishi in viruses and bacterias, reishi and diabetes, reishi and hepatitis. And on many of the studies and lots of the data that I was in a position to have compiled, it is pretty engaging and pretty extreme.

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The Largest Herb On The Planet

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So in this post we are going to find out about Reishi Mushroom, which is maybe the largest herb in the world. And why I say that, why I make that claim, is that this herb is the most scientifically analyzed of any herb ever known, ever studied. On top of that, it is one of the most revered, if not the most revered, herb of all of traditional China. And obviously that herb is none other than reishi mushroom. Again, it's one of my favorite herbs and an herb that I have worked with a lot over the last 8 or so years. It is one herb that I've gotten a lot of truly solid feedback about and I have heard just plenty of great success stories.

So the ancient Chinese text called the Shen Nong, which originates from a fairly, truly long time ago…essentially 500CE. It fundamentally stated that reishi is handy for boosting critical energy, skyrocketing thinking faculty, and preventing forgetfulness. That's can refresh the body and mind, delay ageing, and enable one to live a long life. It tonifies the spleen, accelerating knowledge, improving memory so you won't forget, long-term consumption will lighten the body and you will never become old. It lengthens ears, it has non secular powers and develops spirits so that you become a spirit being like the immortals. And that's nothing I made up, that sure is a direct quote from the Herbal Classic, which is the oldest traditional Chinese text.

So reishi’s reputation as the mushroom of immortality fundamentally reached one of the oldest Chinese emperors who was Emperor T, and this emperor was meant to have set up an entire fleet of ships of 300 men and 300 women and he instructed them to sail to the east where they thought reishi was growing, and then they were intended to bring that back. So essentially, as the story goes, this ship essentially got lost at sea, and then they were shipwrecked and washed ashore in Japan, and according to the tale, that is actually how Japan was started.

So again, simply to recap, according to this lore of mythology, Japan was discovered and colonised because the emperor sent 300 men and 300 girls in a fleet of ships out to find reishi mushroom. So just that tiny yarn alone is fairly mad. So as I mentioned earlier, in Chinese art, reishi is pretty pervasive and pretty far-ranging as a symbol of good health and long life.

We can find depictions and pictures of reishi found on doors, door lentils, archways and railings across the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace in ancient China. In various times in Chinese history, the emperor’s official scepter included a carving of reishi mushroom. Which folks actually accept that they have footage of the original scepter, and they believe that this was actually a real reishi mushroom. So to the general population, to the overall public, the image of reishi seems to be more of a good luck charm or like a talisman, or a symbol that is believed to have kind of spellbinding powers. And then in various pen and ink drawing, tapestries, and paintings, subjects would often wear jewellery or jade pieces made in the image of reishi mushroom. And kwan yen, who is the traditional Chinese god of healing and mercy, is commonly depicted basically holding a reishi mushroom. So hopefully all those examples I've given you have given a smart idea, a good illustration and demonstration of how respected and how wondrous reishi was believed to be in traditional times. Again, if you want to go more in depth than that, check out the audio course that's on this site as well. You can go more full on into that.

Brandon Gilbert is an Herbal teacher, and positive blogger who has dedicated his to continuing learning and education. You can discover more about reishi mushroom heading off to .

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Dietitians And How They Help You

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Dietitians are a unique breed of medical professional whose distinct area of study revolves around the science of what we eat, and what the things that we eat do to our bodies both within the short and lengthy term.

Anytime you’ve ever heard a press release on the news about several aspect of a food group that’s either very good or bad for you, you’re hearing the conclusions of dietitians who are conducting studies about the effects of particular kinds of food.

Human dieting is something which is receiving an increased level of focus, specifically with the number of eating disorders that folks suffer with inside Western world these days.

The digestive procedure that takes place from the time we ingest food into our bodies towards the time that exits us as waste product is a complicated one, any ingredients that go into the foods we eat are becoming increasingly complex.

Each of them has an effect on points like our metabolism, our capacity to lose pounds, and our ability to live our lives towards the fullest, and part of the dietitians duties are helping folks to preserve a proper balance in their diet, based on what their objectives in life may be.

As an example, a dietitian is going to have a extremely different opinion on what a reasonably skinny man who’s about to undergo a bodybuilding regimen ought to consume, as opposed to a fairly heavy individual who is trying to lose fat without starving themselves.

There’s a great deal a lot more towards the science of dieting than just counting calories, and this is usually why the scientific advice that dietitians need to offer the public should be closely heeded. They’re normally the ones that have the privilege to provide the final stamp of approval on whatever big dieting craze is about to sweep the country.

People will put themselves through several pretty crazy dieting routines so that you can achieve their weight-loss objectives, usually with out understanding of what lengthy term natural health effects are becoming accrued from their newly adopted eating habits.

Just since somebody is losing fat doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a healthy diet, or that their diet isn’t causing them a lot more damage than great from the broader scheme of items.

It’s this type of analysis that dietitians are known for in their field, and they take the responsibility of educating the public about newly discovered scientific research about particular foods really seriously, and do so in a way that’s effortlessly digestible towards general public.

Unfortunately, some of this assistance may be misinterpreted by men and women who are perhaps less educated in topics concerning their health. For example, guidance given out about too numerous carbohydrates becoming unhealthy may be interpreted as meaning that all carbohydrates are unhealthy, which is inaccurate. Carbohydrates are a required fuel source for the body.

Dietitian’s represent a critical aspect of medical science, plus they adhere closely on the philosophy that you are what you consume.  Make use of a little common sense, and their advice can serve as an superb source of guidance for how to maintain a healthy diet.

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The Negative Effects of Unwarranted Work and Abusive and Heavy Drinking and The Necessity of Alcohol Therapy And Relationship Therapy

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Work was becoming too hectic for a young police officer named Gary. Even though he had only been on the police force for two years, he was already known as a hard worker who rarely said no to working overtime. As a matter of fact, he was now working twenty to twenty-five hours of overtime each week and, as a result, he felt like he was losing his hold on his personal life. What made the circumstances more complicated, nevertheless, was the fact that Gary began going out drinking with a group of fellow officers after work.

What Began as Fun Soon Turned Into Excessive and Irresponsible Drinking

What began as a good time soon turned into careless and irresponsible drinking and then into a negative cycle of feeling tired every morning when he got up for work, working more overtime hours, and then going drinking with his friends after work.

Noticeably Gary was in a health related and emotional rut and experiencing some negative alcohol effects on the body. Where Gary really observed alcohol related issues and alcohol short term effects, conversely, was in his family life and in his marriage. His wife wasn’t really a complainer, but she commonly encouraged him to stay at home more with her and with the kids instead of going out and blowing all of his money while drinking with his pals.

Gary’s Abusive and Excessive Drinking Adversely Affects His Personality

In a similar manner, Gary’s unhealthy and irresponsible drinking also adversely affected his personality. More to the point, the more he drank, the less patience he had with any problems or issues that came up regarding his children or his wife.

It Was Obvious to Gary That His Abusive and Careless Drinking Was Adversely Affecting His Health, Work, Relationship With His Family, and His Pocketbook

In his heart of hearts, it was obvious to Gary that his abusive drinking was negatively affecting his work, health, relationship with his family, and his pocketbook. So one Friday morning Gary made up his mind to talk to Jerry, a trusted old police officer friend that he greatly respected.

Gary mentioned to Jerry how excessive and careless drinking was negatively affecting his health, work, relationship with his family, and his pocketbook. Jerry told Gary that he completely understood because approximately fourteen years ago, he too got involved in excessive and hazardous drinking. If truth be known, Jerry told Gary that unhealthy and excessive drinking can create so many problems in a person’s life that virtually everything of importance can be destroyed. And finally, Jerry suggested that Gary make an appointment with an alcohol psychologist at the work-affiliated drug and alcohol abuse rehab center.

Since his employee’s assistance program was affiliated with this rehab center, it was not only quite convenient but also very affordable to obtain treatment about his abusive and hazardous drinking. And since the staff at the substance abuse rehabilitation facility was supportive, non-judgmental, and competent, Gary would be able to get alcohol rehab that made sense to him and something he could accomplish.

After talking to his counselor about how his drinking was ruining his health, work, relationship with his family, and his pocketbook, Gary realized that he was burning the candle at both ends with his excessive work hours and his careless drinking. Once he realized that he was digging himself into a rut, with the help of his doctor, and after three months in rehabilitation, he was at long last able to stop drinking and quit working overtime.

Due to His Alcohol Rehab Gary Felt Better and More Healthy

The result was that Gary saw life another way now that he was in alcohol recovery. More to the point, due to his alcohol therapy he not only felt better and more healthy, but he had more quality time to spend with his family, he was more patient when interacting with his wife and his children, and he noticed that he actually had more money now even though he was working far fewer hours each week. Paradoxically, now that he quit drinking, Gary and his wife were not only starting to save some money for a new house but he also felt more alert and more energized than anytime since he and his wife got married.

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Effective Healing From Massage Thearpy, And Reiki

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Massage in Salt Lake may be comprised of many different techniques including reiki healing. Many patients feel more relaxed, and content after receiving a popular reiki healing session.

Massage in Salt Lake is not the same as reiki, and does not fall under the same category. However, reiki may be carried out by a massage therapist. Reiki originated in Japan and this therapy carried a high universal force and affords the patient added life force and energy. Therapists have been healing sick people for thousands of years using this type of therapy.

The therapist can reduce stress as well as illness through light touch by simple placing his or her hands above or near the body of the patient.  Energy levels can be restored, the patients health can be improved, and any imbalances corrected by the reiki master when specified symbols are used.

The best massage in Salt Lake is Rolfing which is also used to correct the imbalances in the body which is caused by natural gravity forces. When tension has built up in the connective tissue, deep pressure may be needed to lenghten the body. Increased energy levels, improved posture, and balance are to be expected from this technique. Rolfing will reduce stress levels as well as reduce pain.

A technique that involves manipulatin the soft tissue around and over the meridians of the body is called shiatsu. The therapist may include some light stretching excercises in your session as well. When a massage therapist applies deep pressure, endorphins are released. This has been shown to relieve pain, which makes this type of therapy an excellent choice. Adrenaline and hormone levels can be reduced also.

All these massage techniques have been used for centuries by ancient civilizations and not much has changes since those times as most of the context is still used today.

Book your Salt Lake Massage today.  Don’t wait any longer.

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The Impact of Excessive and Heavy Drinking on Relationships

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One of the alcohol abuse facts that somehow escapes a lot of people’s perception is that hazardous and irresponsible drinking typically adversely affects relationships. Stated in a different manner, to a fairly great extent, careless drinking is to relationships what chemical dependency is to a person’s health or what faulty brakes are to the safety of the driver of a vehicle. In all of these instances, the outcome is usually a calamity.

When the connection between abusive and irresponsible drinking and relationships is explored a little more in detail, on the other hand, you will find some solid reasons why irresponsible drinking and relationships don’t go together in a very healthy or beneficial fashion.

Hazardous and Excessive Drinking Reduces a Person’s Inhibitions

First, unhealthy and irresponsible drinking lessens an individual’s inhibitions. This commonly means that a person who has been drinking has less control over what he or she does and says. The result is that individuals in a relationship who have been drinking are much more likely to engage in insensitive and malicious verbal abuse and/or aggression that may possibly not have taken place if neither individual was drinking.

Heavy and Excessive Drinking Adversely Impacts a Person’s Problem Solving, Decision-Making, and Reasoning Skills and Abilities

Second, excessive and careless drinking adversely impacts an individual’s decision-making, problem solving, and reasoning abilities. Indeed, if an individual uses jumbled decision-making, reasoning, and problem solving skills and abilities, this typically adversely influences the options somebody makes as well as his or her actions. Such a condition, it’s articulated, is an accident waiting to happen when relationships are concerned because of the number of decisions and troubles that need to be addressed on a recurring basis.

Irresponsible and Abusive Drinking Regularly Influences the Drinker’s Finances in an Extremely Harmful Manner

Third, hazardous and excessive drinking normally affects the drinker’s finances in an adverse manner. At the end of the day, whether an individual buys his or her alcohol at a saloon, liquor store, restaurant, sports event, or drinks at home, careless and abusive drinking is not cheap. And if cash is spent on drinking rather than on credit card bills, car or truck payments, the mortgage, the rent, utilities, food, and so on, fundamental troubles in a relationship are possibly right around the corner.

Hazardous and Excessive Drinking Normally Manifests Itself at an Individual’s Place of Employment

Fourth, abusive and careless drinking frequently manifests itself at the workplace. To the extent that this happens, one’s ability to make a living is seriously placed in a difficult situation and this, in turn, negatively has an effect on a person’s relationships.

Excessive Drinking Generally Contributes to Issues With the Law

Finally, irresponsible and abusive drinking generally results in difficulties with the law. Undoubtedly one or more ”drunk driving” arrests, as an example, cannot do anything but negatively affect a relationship from a psychological and from a financial viewpoint.

You Need Motivation to Get Alcohol Rehabilitation to Stop Your Excessive and Heavy Drinking

So what is the message to be taken away from this discussion? First, if you want to have solid, beloved relationships in your life, steer clear from irresponsible and excessive drinking. Second, if you are a drinker and you are in a relationship, if you want to keep this relationship or perhaps make it stronger, then make sure you always drink responsibly or not at all. And third, if you have alcohol problems that are negatively affecting your relationship, please seek more alcohol information and consider getting alcohol rehabilitation.


To bring this discussion to a conclusion, it can be determined that excessive and unhealthy drinking adversely has an effect on an individual’s relationships mainly because it lowers a person’s inhibitions and results in insensitive and cross verbal abuse and/or violence.

It can also be seen that unhealthy drinking adversely impacts a person’s problem solving, reasoning, and decision-making skills, consequently leading to poor choices and actions.

In a very related way, unhealthy and excessive drinking usually adversely affects the drinker’s finances, consequently affecting the money management ability of the individuals who are involved in the relationship. Not only this but unhealthy drinking often disrupts a relationship mainly because of alcohol-related employment difficulties.

And finally, unhealthy and irresponsible drinking normally contributes to alcohol related difficulties with the law like DWIs, jail time, and fines and penalties. Visibly, such legal difficulties negatively affect most dear relationships.

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A Young Woman Gets Arrested for DUI, Talks to The Human Resources Manager, and Becomes Encouraged to Turn Her Life Around and Recover Her Self Esteem

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Shelly was known at work as an incredibly conservative human being who had a great work record. She never attended any of the happy hours following work and it was known through the entire company that she was a very spiritual individual who frequently talked about the dangers of alcohol abuse and alcoholism in our country.

Try to imagine the surprise inside the office when one Monday morning Shelly did not show up for work and nobody had heard from her. The truth is, it wasn’t until approximately 11:45 in the morning that the human resources department received a phone call about Shelly from the city jail.

Shelly Goes Out Drinking With a Few of Her College Colleagues

Apparently, Shelly went out drinking together with several of her university house mates Saturday night and sometime around 3:15 Sunday morning, Shelly was arrested for a DUI. Considering that her blood alcohol content level (BAC) was extremely elevated, she had to spend one day inside the downtown jail.

Shelly Has a Talk With Her Manager and The Human Resources Manager

When Shelly came to work on Tuesday morning, she promptly shared with her superior what had happened and she asked if she could go and talk to the Human Resources manager about her “driving while intoxicated” arrest.

When she got to the HR department and met with the director, she explained that she hadn’t been inebriated since her college days and that she was quite humiliated about her “driving while intoxicated” arrest. She also stressed the point that she needed some assistance getting a professional and effective “driving under the influence” lawyer who would represent her DUI case. Stated differently, Shelly really wanted the Human Resources manager to agree that she needed to see a DUI attorney.

The Human Resources director told Shelly that she needs to make an appointment with somebody within the company employee’s assistance program to go over any future drinking problem that she may have. The HR manager also mentioned that she needs to talk about her wish to employ a “driving under the influence” attorney to represent her with respect to her “drunk driving” case.

Not only this but the Human Resources manager told Shelly that it was good that she would like to hire a “drunk driving” attorney because of the difficulties and severe consequences that happen to be linked to a “drunk driving” conviction.

The Human Resources manager could tell that Shelly was noticeably distressed and embarrassed by this whole situation. For this reason he assured Shelly that while he doesn’t feel that conscientious people ought to ever get behind the steering wheel right after consuming alcohol, sadly these scenarios at times come to pass to particularly good men and women.

The Human Resources director then explained that since such a circumstance cannot be undone, what is crucial is what the man or women does from this point in time forward. As stated by the Human Resources director, “does the man or women learn from his/her errors or does she or he develop a pattern of alcohol related problems that cause the individual chronic suffering and pain”?

Fortunately, Shelly Did Not Have a History of Excessive and Heavy Drinking

Just before completing their discussion, the Human Resources director explained to Shelly that it was quite positive that she doesn’t have a record of unhealthy and abusive drinking drinking. Furthermore, she hasn’t had an alcohol-related situation since her university days (which was roughly 6 years ago). Consequently, Shelly ought to be in a position to deal with her DUI arrest with sorrow but also with a belief that she will confront and sort out this situation and become a healthier individual in the near future.

Shelly thanked the Human Resources director for his supportive and encouraging thoughts and then walked over towards the company employee’s assistance program to discuss her “drunk driving” arrest, her involvement in careless and excessive drinking drinking over the past weekend, and her wish to hire a “driving under the influence” lawyer to represent her DWI case.

After hearing Shelly’s “story,” the physician that was part of the company employee’s assistance program described Shelly’s immediate “game plan” that she needed to address and follow. First, she would be required to take a DUI class to learn more DUI facts and information. Second, she would also be required to take an alcohol abuse class to address her possible problem drinking. And finally, it would be an especially wise thing to do if she were to consult with a DUI lawyer about her DWI arrest.

Shelly Feels Encouraged That She Will Learn From Her Mistake and Grow To Be More Sensible

It was apparent that Shelly was extremely displeased with the whole DUI circumstance, but after talking to the Human Resources director and to the healthcare practitioner in the company employee’s assistance program, she felt a sense of relief knowing that she would in truth learn from her mistake and grow to be even more healthy and balanced, a lot more dependable, and an even more thankful individual.