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by seph

True Confidence And The Development Of Wisdom

3:01 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

If we really believe in ourselves, who we are, what our purpose is in this world and what we can offer those around us, then barely any quantity of criticism or praise that can knock us off our center.

It’s only when a woman or man builds himself on the compliments or criticisms of others that their personality begins to take a dive.

To prosper in this world, you really have to have thick skin. For absolutely no reason at all the wolves will come out after you and try and tear you and your reputation to shreds. Similarly, people around you’ll compliment you with hollow praise and try to bring your ego up. If we slide into allowing both of these tactics of the world to create us, we will get caught up in a whole world of suffering.

The solution?

We need to trust in ourselves. While this is proving to be one of the roughest things to do it’s also one of the most beneficial lessons you can ever learn in life. No matter what, when the difficulties and praise comes, you still can maintain who you are. The enticements of life will make attempts to make you change who you are into what the world would like you to be.

Avoid this at all costs. Don’t change for those reasons. Instead, change for yourself and who you know you might be in future times. Continue to grow and continue to build upon your life day in and day out because that is what feels right to you.

Then, when you finally reach the end of the line, you’ll always be able to say that you stayed true to yourself regardless of everything else. To me, that sounds a bit like a pretty happy life.

So start believing in yourself. You never know what you are capapble of until you really go for it.

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by seph

Tips To Help You To Attain Your Goals In Life

7:54 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

It is important that we set ourselves goals in life, these can be short term, over a longer period of one to five years and also lifetime goals. It should not be purely a case of making personal targets – we need to make sure we attain them.

Write down your goals

I have always wanted to be a success and to have a happy life, I am sure this is the same for most people. In the early part of my life I was unable to achieve both of these aims; this was partly because I had a stuttering problem. In my early to mid twenties I decided to attempt to learn about ways in which I could ensure that the future would be a lot better, than what the past had been. I started to read many books about these topics and also about people who I considered to be successful~I soon began to read literature about these subjects in my quest to improve my life}.

I soon realised the importance of setting goals and targets and was hopeful that this could help me to stop stuttering. I thought about what I wanted to be and which course I wanted my life to take. I wrote out three different lists of my aims for the future.

The first list included what I wanted to achieve within the next twelve months. The second list contained what I wanted to achieve within five years and the third list was my lifetime goals – one of which was to own my own company selling front doors.

Avoid negative people

There are people out there who try to bring me down. They attempt to do this by off the cuff comments they make or just by the way they seem to look down on me~Nasty comments, dirty looks and gossiping were all things that these nasty people would do}. They look at me as If I am worthless and some kind of loser. These type of people have caused me many sleepless nights and have had a negative affect on my self-confidence.

Quite simply the answer to this problem is to stay away from them, this is not always easy however~I knew that I had to steer well clear from these bad influences; this can however be easier said than done}.

I have now managed to achieve fluency as well as personal happiness – life is now very good.

I also run my own SEO company which is going from strength to strength at the moment.

As you can see life is now so much better for me and I am sure that it could be for you.