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San Fran Top College Sports

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From September through May, San Francisco’s schools aid athletic events for their fans and alumni. San Francisco college football commands absolutely during the fall, while San Francisco college hockey and basketball games entertain sports fans in the winter. Most Bay Area schools host baseball and track events in the spring. University sports in San Francisco customarily offer discounted ticket prices for scholars.

San Francisco State University

The biggest four-year university for varsity sports in San Francisco is San Francisco State University, home of the Gators. SFSU doesn't currently have a football program, but the highschool offers programs for baseball, basketball, cross-country, track and soccer. The varsity also provides teams for girls such as softball and volleyball. All of SFSU’s athletic groups play at the main campus in the Lakeside area. Maloney Field is home of the baseball Gators, while SFSU’s basketball groups play at Main Gym.

University of San Francisco

Nicknamed “The Dons,” the University of San Francisco features athletic programs in basketball, baseball, track, soccer and golf. USF’s heralded men’s basketball program won NCAA Countrywide Championships in 1955 and 1956; the team went undefeated in 1956. The university’s men and women’s basketball programs play at War Memorial Gymnasium, found on the USF’s main campus. War Commemorative Gymnasium is also base for the Dons ‘ volleyball team. Benedetti Diamond and Negoesco Stadium is where the Dons play baseball and soccer respectively.

City College of San Francisco

The sole San Francisco college football team belongs to City College of San Francisco, a two year varsity in the Balboa Park area. CCSF’s main campus is right off Ocean Avenue and home to the college’s athletic facilities. The college’s football program has a tradition of excellence, winning the NJCAA state championship 8 times, including titles in 2003 and 2007. Rams Stadium is where CCSF’s soccer games occur. Among CCSF’s athletic programs are baseball, soccer, track and basketball. The college’s mascot is the Rams.

Nearby Colleges

San Francisco is within an hour of athletic programs at the Varsity of California-Berkeley, generally called Cal, and Stanford College in Palo Alto. Both colleges are members of the Pacific-12 Meeting, a major athletic organisation in the NCAA’s Division I. Cal and Stanford offers chances to watch San Francisco college hockey from Sep through February. Both schools field soccer, baseball, basketball, track and football groups. The Stanford’s mascot is the Cardinals, and the Cal’s mascot the famous Golden Bears Now and then, Cal and Stanford host home football games at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park.

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Best College Sports In San Jose

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College sports in San Jose are presently only being played by the San Jose State Spartans. San Jose State competes in the Western Athletic Meeting at the division 1 level of university sports, so college sports in San Jose are being played at the highest level practical. Below you will find a list with the top college sports in San Jose and their best teams. Check it out!

San Jose College Baseball

The San Jose State Spartans have enjoyed mild success on the baseball field across the years. The majority of the success has been more recent and has come since the 1997 season. San Jose State have also played in the conference championship an overall total of 3 times. These championships happened in 1997, 2000 and 2009. The 2000 season was also the first time that the San Jose Spartans got to compete in the University World Series. Some baseball players that started their careers at San Jose State include Ken Caminiti, Mark Langston and Kevin Fransden.

San Jose College Basketball

The San Jose Spartans won their first conference championship in basketball in 1925 and have won 11 more titles since then. The latest meeting championship was in 1996. The 1951, 1980 and 1996 seasons all saw the San Jose State Spartans enter the NCAA Contest, but they would ultimately lose in the first round each season. San Jose State has had some worries winning games since they have entered the Western Athletic Conference, but they seem be headed in the right direction. Some San Jose States basketball players that have enjoyed success in the NBA include Darnell Hillman, Wally Rank and Tariq Abdul-Wahad.

San Jose College Football

The San Jose State Spartans play all of their home football games at Spartans Stadium, which holds just over 30,000 folks. San Jose college football saw its first game played in 1892, and San Jose State has won over 400 games since that point. The Spartans have won 16 conference championships and have played in eight post-season bowl games. San Jose State played in the last bowl game after the 2006 season when they were defeated by the University of New Mexico in the New Mexico Bowl. The loss in the 2006 New Mexico Bowl was San Jose State's third loss in their 8 bowl games. San Jose college football saw over 100 players go to the NFL after ending their career at San Jose State. A number of these players include James Jones, Jeff Garcia, Art Powell, Dick Vermeil, Al Saunders and Bill Walsh.

San Jose College Hockey

Most good weather schools struggle to challenge in hockey, but this can not be said about San Jose college hockey. San Jose State played their first game of hockey in 1990. The teamsaw immediate success with their hockey program and finished the 1992 season with an undefeated record. San Jose Country's hockey team currently competes at the Division II level of the North American Collegiate Hockey Association. San Jose State has played in the ACHA countrywide championship 8 times. The 2010 season saw the Spartans finish 10th in the contest, which is at present their best finishing place.

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Best College Sports In New York City

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Whether its each Saturday in the autumn or March Madness, university sports have some of the most diehard fans in the country. As a northeast state, Manhattan has one or two dozen varsities that compete in the NCAA in Division I sports like university basketball, soccer, hockey and soccer.

Syracuse University

Syracuse University is one of the largest centers for college sports in New York. The Syracuse Orange are in the Big East Conference for college soccer, basketball, and college football, as well as the College Hockey America conference for New York college hockey. The College have three school basketball champs and have one NCAA football championship. The team spirit found at Syracuse is intense and one can always tell its game day when everybody wears their orange-colored jerseys.

Cornell University

Though a New York city hotel guide says it is the youngest Ivy, Cornell University’s Big Red is an aggressive rival to its other Ivy League brethren in basketball, soccer, and soccer, and to its Eastern School Athletic Meeting rivals in hockey. The Big Red won lots of its university football championships in the early 20th century, winning 4 championships. In basketball, Cornell has made it to March Madness many times during the last decade and has a few Ivy League college football championships under its belt. Cornell has won only 2 NCAA championships in hockey, but they have won 12 Eastern University Athletic Meeting championships since the late 1960s, becoming the dominant New York college hockey team.

St. John’s University

A college sports in New York list would be incomplete without a college from The Big Apple City. Located in Queens, St. John’s University is an athletic power-house in the region. The St. John’s Red Storm do not have a New York college football team, but their varsity basketball team is in the all time top ten for most wins in the NCAA. In college soccer, the Red Storm have one NCAA football championship behind them and have made a few appearances in the playoffs during the last decade.

Columbia University

Another New York City school, as well as another Ivy League institution, the Columbia Lions have one of the oldest athletic departments in the country. The college has a long contention with its Ivy League opposite numbers, especially Yale School and its NY Ivy rival Cornell. Columbia games bring out large crowds from alumni and students, particularly New York college football games against Cornell. Lots of the team’s championships came early in the 20th century, but the Lions maintain its strong athletic alumni programme and student spirit to this very day.

West Point

West Point is the coaching ground for many of America’s best military personnel and is also the home to the Regiment Black Knights. The collegiate team has one of the most powerful alumni networks in the country through the US Armed Forces and a prideful team and fan spirit. Competing against army rivals like Navy and Air Force, the Army Black Knights compete for not only New York’s top collegiate team , but for the military’s top athletic programme. In football, Armed forces has three state championships and has won 3 out of 5 bowl game appearances.

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From Basketball To Hockey – College Sports In Seattle

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Seattle, Washington is legendary for many things, from the towering Space Needle, to the 1st Starbuck’s coffee bar, to the birthplace of the Grunge music genre, but here’s something you likely do not know. College sports in Seattle include all types of sports: from football to hockey. Below we have some college sports in Seattle for you to check out while in the city.

University of Washington Huskies Football

t’s tricky to understand, but University of Washington football team played their first game in 1889, and by the 1st part of 1900′s, had established the program as a national powerhouse, winning an amazing 63 games in a row from 1907-1917, and continuing that winning custom across the 20 th century, saying four National Titles, 15 Pac-10 (now Pac-12) championships, and a collecting a large number of bowl appearances. Their 1991 team is usually a contender for one of the best in College Football history.

Few events in College sports get as heated as latest match-ups between the Oregon Ducks and the Washington Huskies. So if you get the possibility, strap on your purple and gold, and join one of the best collegiate fan bases in the West at Husky Stadium for what will certainly be an enjoyable game – The University of Washington Huskies are largely associated with Seattle college football.

Washington Huskies Basketball

Now playing in the Pac-12, the University of Washington has reached a nationally famous predominance in NCAA Division one Basketball. One of the pre-eminent groups in college sports in Seattle, Huskies basketball has had an extraordinary six NCAA Competition appearances since 2002 (under Lorenzo Romar), making it to the Sweet 16 3 of those times. Playing at the Alaska Airlines Arena on the University of Washington campus, the student section, Husky Alumni and Seattle residents typically supply a totally electric environment to see a college basketball game. If you’re in the city, don’t pass up the opportunity.

Other College Sports in Seattle

Baseball at the University of Washington is also a particularly strong program nationally, making 2 time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum, who is annually considered on of the top 5 pitchers in all of Baseball. The Huskies solidly compete for top position and the Pac-12, and always provide fans with a thrilling time. Seattle college Hockey has still to take off as big time sport, but there are a small number of things to say here. Hockey is becoming a very strong college sport in Seattle and it might be heading to the National Tournament Championship.

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Dallas Best College Sports Teams

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College Football

The Southern Methodist University Mustangs have won 3 state championships with the latest coming in 1982. The Southern Methodist Mustangs play all of their home games at Gerald J Ford Stadium, which holds just over 32000 people. While Southern Methodist University has achieved real success at football, there were also discouraging times for the program. The Mustangs didn’t achieve a winning record from 1985 till 2009. The Mustangs have overturned their fears and now have a high quality team that may achieve success.

College Basketball

The Southern Methodist University basketball team was able to create winning groups from the 1930s to the 1990s, but have fought to field a winning team since then. The Southern Methodist Mustang basketball team has won fourteen conference championships and made a last 4 appearance in 1956. Southern Methodist has not won a conference championship since 1993, and have continued to struggle to build a winning team. The Mustangs basketball team play all of the home games at Moody Coliseum, which holds just below 9000 people.

College Soccer

The team with the latest success at Southern Methodist University would be the soccer team. The Southern Methodist University football team plays all their home games at Westcott Stadium, which hold just over 4000 people. From 1985 to 2011, the Southern Methodist soccer team has made the NCAA competition all but 3 seasons. Southern Methodist was also capable of making the NCAA championship game in 2k and 2005, but weren’t able to win everytime. The Southern Methodist University soccer team has constantly been ranked as the top team in the country and had 1 or 2 undefeated seasons, but their first State Championship has alluded them.

College soccer in Dallas should be continued to be played at the best quality, and it is just a matter of time before Southern Methodist brings a National Championship to Dallas.

College Hockey

The hot weather found in Dallas has made it tricky for Dallas college hockey to build a good team. The great majority of the quality college hockey groups are found in the coldest climates as it makes it much simpler to practice your skills. College hockey is slowly turning into a nationwide sport and Southern Methodist continues to attempt to build a winning convention.

Dallas college hockey is just at the beginning stages of building a winning team, so it will take a little time to catch up with the rest of the country.

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