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by seph

Integrity Is The Glue That Holds Life Together

3:01 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

When not a single person is looking, who are you? Are you the same person that you present yourself to be when you are with others?

Without integrity, we are nothing. Our dreams elude us, truthful relations with others fail to exist and we will not trust ourselves be cause we aren’t really who we are saying we are. Integrity is the most fundamental building block of life. Without it, what do any of us have? Without integrity, our word will mean nothing as it doesn’t basically have any substance behind it and our actions are rather more of a random event taking place instead of something that is done with conviction and belief.

Yet, it’s amazing what number of people in this world function without a drop of real integrity.

How can you be different?

When you say you are about to do something, ensure it’s already as good as done. When you talk about yourself, actually tell the honest truth. When you make big promises, keep them. And living among that, really focus on the small things, because while they are the tiny details of life they demand your greatest attention and respect. If you can get the tiny things right, you are setting yourself up to get the big things right.

What happens if you break your integrity? Admit your mistake and recommit to what you can.

It’s funny how quick friends are to truly forgive when you are seriously up-front and admit your mistakes overtly and with enthusiasm. Nevertheless if you refuse responsibility, people lose their respect for you and will continue to go after you until you admit your mistakes.

It is way easier to be open and truthful about your mistakes and faults than attempt to cover anything up.

So build some serious wholeness in your life and begin following through with your word. Not only will your life change, but your relationships will change as well.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Feeling ready to take the journey of your life? Looking to build some honest and solid integrity in your life? Dive into these integrity meaning quotes for some wise words on what it means to live honestly.

by seph

Encouragement Is The Dose Of Support Our World Needs

2:46 am in Pyschology That Helps by seph

Real encouragement matters. It actually does.

We all need someone in our corner who believes in us when we are down and out. Life simply seems to happen and we get knocked down consistently. But your world can really change when you have an encourager in your life. This type of person is someone that really believes in you and can bring you up when you aren’t feeling great about yourself. This is someone who can remind you exactly who you are when you start to forget.

Encouragement is the dose of support our world actually needs.

Encouragement is crucial. It isn’t motivation or inspiration, but instead it’s about bringing in a little bit of light into other peoples lives. If we can bring in some light to those who may not necessarily have a supporting system or who are fully lacking encouragement in their regular lives, well, then aren’t we living a good life ourselves?

We reside in a place and time that focuses more on tearing others down than bringing them up. Gossip floods the news and people pay to watch others get destroyed. We adore watching heroes fall who’ve risen to great heights. Maybe it is down to the fact that we would like them to be back down at our level because we have not risen ourselves? Who actually knows? But what I know for sure is that we have a tendency to want to bring darkness into peoples lives rather than light. That single fact is pretty worrying when you think about it long enough.

This has to change. It really has to change.

We must start promoting what we adore instead of promoting what we do not like. If we do not we will continue to look at our world fall apart at the seams until we have nothing left.

So take a stand for what you love.

Encourage Others.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Need some more content to help encourage others? Dive into these encouraging quotes

by seph

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

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Most of us have some things we did in the past that still haunts us to this very day. And for most people, such experiences often affect the way they live in a negative manner. 

But everything can be changed, and it’s all up to you to fix what might be causing you to hold back on doing something you’ve been meaning to do.

We all had to start somewhere to get to where we are right now. Time flies so fast and before we know it, we are already in a situation where we are either in control or the situation is in control of us. If the situation is already dictating your next move, then there is definitely something wrong with your inner self.

Fear is the mind-killer. Hesitation is the seed of defeat. Once a person dwells on the negative and shuts all doors, then the mind would be conditioned to stay that way.

The mind is one of the most powerful things in the universe. Everyone is destined for greatness.However, it’s up to the person to achieve the excellence he desire. But while the mind is a powerful thing, it gets scared easily. That is why you must always trick it by integrating positivity into your everyday life.

Yes, everything we do, everything we did, and everything we are about to do is directly related to our subconscious mind. A certain trauma may have already been long forgotten but in reality, old and unforgotten memories still linger in the subconscious mind.

Making every thought very powerful.. Whether you remember it or not, certain memories have influenced your life and beliefs in a big way. All you have to do is remember the instances or memories that lead to a fear, trauma or a current problem.

Go deeper into your mind. Find out what’s causing your problem or what factors resulted to you holding back unto something.

We can help you revisit your forgotten memories. We have courses / programs that will help you overcome your problems, limitations and would allow you to deal with your own self to fix what needs fixing.

Always remember this. Your past does not define your future.