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What I Learned About Drug Abuse and Alcoholism in High School and the Motivation and Inspiration For My Enhanced Self Esteem and Self Worth

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When I was a sophomore in high school, I registered for a drug abuse class. At that age, I did not realize that alcohol abuse actually was a sub category of drug abuse. While taking this class and learning more about drug and alcohol abuse and particularly about alcohol side effects, I read a lot about Alcoholic Anonymous, their meetings, how their programs have twelve steps, and how successful the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery program has been for people throughout the world. I also learned a lot about alcohol rehab and the various alcohol rehab clinics that are frequently available to alcohol abusers.

Injurious Results That are Correlated With Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Some of the injurious results correlated with alcoholism and alcohol abuse that I learned about in this class without a doubt startled me. The ruined lives and countless serious issues experienced by most alcohol dependent individuals made me feel like I never wanted to drink alcohol when I became old enough. Stated briefly, I did not want to face the disaster and ruination that alcohol addicted individuals almost always experience.

Think about this for a moment. What fifteen-year-old person wants to face premature death due to his or her drinking behavior? What young person wants to become so out-of-control regarding his or her drinking that ingesting alcohol becomes the object of one’s life? What adolescent wants to go to one of the local alcoholic rehabilitation centers to deal with alcohol-related difficulties before he or she becomes twenty-one?

What youth wants to deal with alcohol withdrawals when he or she tries to quit drinking? Why would an individual engage in drinking to such an extent that it would cause difficulties in every area of his or her life? Drinking later in life after a person has a career, a family, and develops personal responsibilities makes sense. But why would a young person want to sacrifice his or her education, employment, finances, and relationships for a life that focuses on abusive drinking?

These issues were so important that I discussed some of them in class throughout the school year. What was completely incredible to me was the number of students who simply didn’t care about the dangerous consequences of irresponsible drinking that I talked about. It was almost as if they couldn’t be troubled with reality and how these consequences can demolish their lives. For the first time in my life I started to figure out something that my grandfather used to tell me all through my youth: you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

It’s Invigorating, Important, and Beneficial to Keep Yourself From the Unhealthy and Debilitating End Results of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

And even at my young age, I also began to comprehend how invigorating, important, and beneficial it is in life to keep yourself from the damaging and unhealthy end results of alcohol and drug abuse. And realizing this gave me the inspiration and motivation to further boost my self esteem and self worth.

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The Negative Effects of Unwarranted Work and Abusive and Heavy Drinking and The Necessity of Alcohol Therapy And Relationship Therapy

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Work was becoming too hectic for a young police officer named Gary. Even though he had only been on the police force for two years, he was already known as a hard worker who rarely said no to working overtime. As a matter of fact, he was now working twenty to twenty-five hours of overtime each week and, as a result, he felt like he was losing his hold on his personal life. What made the circumstances more complicated, nevertheless, was the fact that Gary began going out drinking with a group of fellow officers after work.

What Began as Fun Soon Turned Into Excessive and Irresponsible Drinking

What began as a good time soon turned into careless and irresponsible drinking and then into a negative cycle of feeling tired every morning when he got up for work, working more overtime hours, and then going drinking with his friends after work.

Noticeably Gary was in a health related and emotional rut and experiencing some negative alcohol effects on the body. Where Gary really observed alcohol related issues and alcohol short term effects, conversely, was in his family life and in his marriage. His wife wasn’t really a complainer, but she commonly encouraged him to stay at home more with her and with the kids instead of going out and blowing all of his money while drinking with his pals.

Gary’s Abusive and Excessive Drinking Adversely Affects His Personality

In a similar manner, Gary’s unhealthy and irresponsible drinking also adversely affected his personality. More to the point, the more he drank, the less patience he had with any problems or issues that came up regarding his children or his wife.

It Was Obvious to Gary That His Abusive and Careless Drinking Was Adversely Affecting His Health, Work, Relationship With His Family, and His Pocketbook

In his heart of hearts, it was obvious to Gary that his abusive drinking was negatively affecting his work, health, relationship with his family, and his pocketbook. So one Friday morning Gary made up his mind to talk to Jerry, a trusted old police officer friend that he greatly respected.

Gary mentioned to Jerry how excessive and careless drinking was negatively affecting his health, work, relationship with his family, and his pocketbook. Jerry told Gary that he completely understood because approximately fourteen years ago, he too got involved in excessive and hazardous drinking. If truth be known, Jerry told Gary that unhealthy and excessive drinking can create so many problems in a person’s life that virtually everything of importance can be destroyed. And finally, Jerry suggested that Gary make an appointment with an alcohol psychologist at the work-affiliated drug and alcohol abuse rehab center.

Since his employee’s assistance program was affiliated with this rehab center, it was not only quite convenient but also very affordable to obtain treatment about his abusive and hazardous drinking. And since the staff at the substance abuse rehabilitation facility was supportive, non-judgmental, and competent, Gary would be able to get alcohol rehab that made sense to him and something he could accomplish.

After talking to his counselor about how his drinking was ruining his health, work, relationship with his family, and his pocketbook, Gary realized that he was burning the candle at both ends with his excessive work hours and his careless drinking. Once he realized that he was digging himself into a rut, with the help of his doctor, and after three months in rehabilitation, he was at long last able to stop drinking and quit working overtime.

Due to His Alcohol Rehab Gary Felt Better and More Healthy

The result was that Gary saw life another way now that he was in alcohol recovery. More to the point, due to his alcohol therapy he not only felt better and more healthy, but he had more quality time to spend with his family, he was more patient when interacting with his wife and his children, and he noticed that he actually had more money now even though he was working far fewer hours each week. Paradoxically, now that he quit drinking, Gary and his wife were not only starting to save some money for a new house but he also felt more alert and more energized than anytime since he and his wife got married.

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The Impact of Excessive and Heavy Drinking on Relationships

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One of the alcohol abuse facts that somehow escapes a lot of people’s perception is that hazardous and irresponsible drinking typically adversely affects relationships. Stated in a different manner, to a fairly great extent, careless drinking is to relationships what chemical dependency is to a person’s health or what faulty brakes are to the safety of the driver of a vehicle. In all of these instances, the outcome is usually a calamity.

When the connection between abusive and irresponsible drinking and relationships is explored a little more in detail, on the other hand, you will find some solid reasons why irresponsible drinking and relationships don’t go together in a very healthy or beneficial fashion.

Hazardous and Excessive Drinking Reduces a Person’s Inhibitions

First, unhealthy and irresponsible drinking lessens an individual’s inhibitions. This commonly means that a person who has been drinking has less control over what he or she does and says. The result is that individuals in a relationship who have been drinking are much more likely to engage in insensitive and malicious verbal abuse and/or aggression that may possibly not have taken place if neither individual was drinking.

Heavy and Excessive Drinking Adversely Impacts a Person’s Problem Solving, Decision-Making, and Reasoning Skills and Abilities

Second, excessive and careless drinking adversely impacts an individual’s decision-making, problem solving, and reasoning abilities. Indeed, if an individual uses jumbled decision-making, reasoning, and problem solving skills and abilities, this typically adversely influences the options somebody makes as well as his or her actions. Such a condition, it’s articulated, is an accident waiting to happen when relationships are concerned because of the number of decisions and troubles that need to be addressed on a recurring basis.

Irresponsible and Abusive Drinking Regularly Influences the Drinker’s Finances in an Extremely Harmful Manner

Third, hazardous and excessive drinking normally affects the drinker’s finances in an adverse manner. At the end of the day, whether an individual buys his or her alcohol at a saloon, liquor store, restaurant, sports event, or drinks at home, careless and abusive drinking is not cheap. And if cash is spent on drinking rather than on credit card bills, car or truck payments, the mortgage, the rent, utilities, food, and so on, fundamental troubles in a relationship are possibly right around the corner.

Hazardous and Excessive Drinking Normally Manifests Itself at an Individual’s Place of Employment

Fourth, abusive and careless drinking frequently manifests itself at the workplace. To the extent that this happens, one’s ability to make a living is seriously placed in a difficult situation and this, in turn, negatively has an effect on a person’s relationships.

Excessive Drinking Generally Contributes to Issues With the Law

Finally, irresponsible and abusive drinking generally results in difficulties with the law. Undoubtedly one or more ”drunk driving” arrests, as an example, cannot do anything but negatively affect a relationship from a psychological and from a financial viewpoint.

You Need Motivation to Get Alcohol Rehabilitation to Stop Your Excessive and Heavy Drinking

So what is the message to be taken away from this discussion? First, if you want to have solid, beloved relationships in your life, steer clear from irresponsible and excessive drinking. Second, if you are a drinker and you are in a relationship, if you want to keep this relationship or perhaps make it stronger, then make sure you always drink responsibly or not at all. And third, if you have alcohol problems that are negatively affecting your relationship, please seek more alcohol information and consider getting alcohol rehabilitation.


To bring this discussion to a conclusion, it can be determined that excessive and unhealthy drinking adversely has an effect on an individual’s relationships mainly because it lowers a person’s inhibitions and results in insensitive and cross verbal abuse and/or violence.

It can also be seen that unhealthy drinking adversely impacts a person’s problem solving, reasoning, and decision-making skills, consequently leading to poor choices and actions.

In a very related way, unhealthy and excessive drinking usually adversely affects the drinker’s finances, consequently affecting the money management ability of the individuals who are involved in the relationship. Not only this but unhealthy drinking often disrupts a relationship mainly because of alcohol-related employment difficulties.

And finally, unhealthy and irresponsible drinking normally contributes to alcohol related difficulties with the law like DWIs, jail time, and fines and penalties. Visibly, such legal difficulties negatively affect most dear relationships.

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The Alcohol Related Problems and Alcohol Related Deaths That Are Associated With Hazardous and Heavy Drinking

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How many children are born each year with fetal alcohol syndrome? How many people’s lives are cut short due to excessive and abusive drinking? How many people get injured or lose their lives in alcohol related traffic accidents every year? How many individuals lose their lives every year because of drinking problems? How many junior high, high school, and college students lose their lives every year due to an alcohol overdose? How many people are the victims of alcohol related crime or violence each and every year? How many people face serious consequences in their lives because they received a DUI conviction? How many people die each year from a condition that is totally preventable, such as alcohol poisoning? On an annual basis, how many alcoholics fail to get the professional alcohol treatment they need?

Why Would Anyone Want to Drink in an Excessive and Hazardous Manner?

So what’s the point in asking these questions? Basically to highlight the devastating and destructive nature of careless and hazardous drinking. Indeed, and based on the above questions, I wonder why anyone would choose to drink in a hazardous and abusive manner.

Stated more forcefully, with the host of employment difficulties, financial issues, relationship dilemmas, health problems, and legal proceedings that are associated with chronic alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency, why would any person with good reasoning skills want to drink in an abusive and excessive manner? Indeed when some of the above topics are looked at more closely, hazardous and excessive drinking becomes more illogical and makes even less sense.

Wouldn’t you think that heavy drinkers would be able to see some of the alcohol symptoms that they manifest? In a similar manner doesn’t it seem logical to think that more families would involve themselves in an alcohol intervention for the person in the household who is an alcohol abuser or an alcoholic? Not only this but wouldn’t you think that individuals who drink excessively would try to learn more about their drinking behavior by researching various alcohol related statistics?

After reviewing the alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency research literature, the point is so important that it needs to be stated again: With all of the dangerous and unhealthy outcomes that are directly or indirectly linked to repetitive and continuous alcohol dependency and alcohol abuse, why would any person want to engage in careless and abusive drinking?

What Can be Done About the Pervasive Nature of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse in the United States?

So what can be done about the extensive nature of alcohol abuse and alcoholism in the U.S.?

  1. Our students need more relevant and more meaningful preventative and educational methods and approaches so that more students at all grade levels, including those at college, are “reached.
  2. With a similar line of reasoning, our students need to learn how to become problem solvers in life rather than getting easily drawn to the “instant gratification” and the “quick fix” of an alcohol or drug abuse ”high” or “buzz”.
  3. Individuals who are alcohol abusers or alcohol addicts need to look in the mirror and ask why they are not getting the professional alcohol rehab they need.
  4. Society needs to get the message to more individuals about the destructive and damaging effects of excessive and hazardous drinking.

There’s Room For Hope if Those Who Engage in Repeated and Continuous Drinking Can Become Persuaded to Get the Alcohol Rehabilitation They Need

There’s lots of room for hope and optimism if people can start drinking in moderation and those who engage in careless and abusive drinkingcan become motivated to get the alcohol rehabilitation they require. Indeed, why put your loved ones through suffering, pain, and turmoil because of your unhealthy drinking when you have the power to control your life by drinking in moderation or even quitting drinking if you can’t control your drinking?