Learning About Basketball

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Basketball is probably one of the most popular sports in the world and has been around since the late 1800′s. The sport started as simply a little town college activity, but has developed into a pro sport. Basketball has many pro leagues that go around the globe. Below is an introduction of the history of basketball.

In the month of December in the year 1891 Physical Education Dept Chairman Luther Gulick, from the Highschool for Christian Employees in Massachusetts, collaborated with a physical education teacher about creating a new sports game. The goal was to develop a winter sport that would help the sportsmen stay active and happy. James Naismith was the PE teacher that started to think up the rules of the new game. Gulick told Naismith that the game would be played using a football ball. Naismith took his PE class of 18 men and created 2 teams of 9 players each. Naismith made 13 rules for the game. Naismith had the colleges mutinous man collect 2 boxes and attached them to the balcony of the posts in the high school gym. These were the 1st basketball nets ever created. The guidelines were imposed and the 1st game of basketball was played.

Eventually, as the years passed, more people began learning about basketball. More rules started to be added and ultimately a three point line and free throw line were consolidated into the game. As time went on the edges modified to a thin metal outline. The five foul rule also was established.

Basketball continued to grow throughout the US and across the globe. Groups started to form at the YMCA, in the military, and at Varsities. Pro basketball also formed in the early 1890′s. As university programs grew so did the pro teams. The game had many positives. It was extremely cost-effective for Varsities and Universities as there was no requirement for a large amount of equipment. The uniforms in basketball were extraordinarily basic, they only consisted mainly of matching shorts and t-shirts, together with sneakers. In the early 1900′s one or two university basketball conferences were formed and by 1904 there were nearly 100 college basketball teams in the US. The popularity kept growing and in 1914 there were 360 University basketball teams.

In 1915 the AAU, NCAA, and YMCA created more rules for the game and started to make more meetings with tournaments. The popularity continued to grow and in 1937 the 1st official NCAA competition was made. The pro level was also highly regarded with the formation of the Easter Basketball League and Urban Basketball League in the 1920′s and 30′s. Finally the National Basketball Association was createdin 1946 and the NBA has been here since then.

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