Forget Progress, Tap Into Deepening

3:01 pm in Pyschology That Helps by seph

When we let go of what we believe we need to be, we permit ourselves the room to grow into who we truly are.

In our modern world, we have a inclination as humans to believe that we always need to be something more. We have got to be prettier, funnier, richer and everything else in between. But all of these things that we believe that we have to be stop us from actually expressing who we are deep inside. We consistently measure ourselves against others and create fake masks for ourselves so other people will like us more. Thing is, after a while, these masks always fall off and people end up seeing us for our true selves no matter what.

It’s a lot easier, and way more fun in the end, to be completely who you are without any apologies.

This isn’t to assert that you shouldn’t take time to improve your life. But if you’re going to go down the journey of personal development and deepening, you have to truly focus on doing it for yourself. In truth, that really is the only way that lasting and sustainable change occurs. When you start developing for other people or because someone just told you to do it, you don’t essentially end up believing in what you’re doing. Unfortunately, development becomes something that you finally cross off a list a lifetime journey.

Be incredibly thankful for what you have at the moment and who you are and if you happen to be looking to take an excursion that might change you for the better, then develop for yourself. Develop as you know that it’s the right thing to do and that it will create a better future for yourself.

In the end, if we stay true to our own paths and believe in ourselves, we are truly capable of anything.

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