Encouragement: The Dose Of Support Our World Really Needs

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It will only take you no more than two seconds to jump online and find spewing hate. The news, the posts we see, the comments we read. It’s all there. The Net has become a satisfactory turf for people that wish to hide behind a keyboard and write whatever they want about somebody. They can tear you apart, spread filth, and in many cases take things to a totally new degree. A degree that only promotes hate.

Hate breeds more hate.

If you have ever felt it deep inside, you know precisely what I’m talking about. When you harbour hate in your heart, you start hating other stuff too. While the internet is one out of very many methods folks can deliver hate with, it does act as a pretty clear demonstration showing how things are going in our world today. We have developed a system in which hate has the supreme protection. Being able to hide behind a user-name almost guarantees that the comments themselves won't see the forces of responsibility for its actions.

In light of this just about overpowering raging stream of hate, we need to press on.


Because we should promote what we love …rather than bashing what we dislike.

I'm really not delusional about the world. I am not that funny guy on the news who is known in his neighborhood for being Mr. Contented literally 24/7. That type of unbalanced one-way lifestyle is unhealthy for you. I have my awful days. I have days where I find myself in a conflict between love and hate, acceptance and shutting off, and these are days when I go to fight. These are days when I’m reminded of what I really believe in. Regardless of how hard it can be.

The dose the world wants in a constant drip, is support.

Many need to be encouraged for what they are doing, for failing and trying again, for giving a great effort and moving forward. It isn't about removing hate from the world, it’s about balancing it out with acts of love. The world, just as ourselves ourselves, can get out of balance and thrown off once in a while. People will start to see the very worst of everything because honestly, that’s only what we are shown. We are consistently the subject of the bad stuff. Switch on the television. Vehicle crashes, 10 dead at college shooting, riots, unrest in states all around the globe, giant coverups, violations of privacy, oil spills and nuclear meltdowns. With all this, no wonder we've got a gloomy view of what is occurring.

I think that a steady drip of love and inducement can change lives. It modified mine, so why can’t it help change others?

The ripple effect you can have on the world is way beyond your understanding. Hell, I I really don’t even know. But I have faith that it's happening. You can turn someones day around in a moment.

Inspire those around you. You will not agree with exactly how they are doing it, but don’t step on them for it. Others need to learn their way. Frequently we have the most honest intentions when making an attempt to help others, but in the final analysis, everybody has their own path to stroll. Walk with them, don't attempt to take the rug out from under them.

Encouragement matters.

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