Efficient Mole Remover Treatments Will Make You Look Amazing

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Moles grow on the exterior of the skin, and generally have a darkish nuance that makes them distinct from other skin excrescences. Moles are usually innate, although there are cases when they appear over time. Sun exposure can also lead to the apparition of moles, and can even help the existing ones develop; still there are mole remover procedures that can help you get rid of them.

Eventually, the hereditary factor is also an important cause when it comes to moles: there are many families that share a certain kind of dysplastic (atypical) mole. It is important to know that the inherited moles are extremely dangerous, and usually they are cancerous, so you should have them checked regularly. Also, all the persons who present moles on their body, should eliminate them by using a medical procedure, which can be excision, with stitches or not, or excision with cauterization, during which the mole is burned using special medical utensils. There are individuals who opt for the laser surgery, but this is not a highly recommended method, as the laser will not penetrate the mole as deep as necessary.

You doctor will recommend you a certain mole removal procedure, after he has considered your expectations, and the specific characteristics of your mole. Still, it is important to be conscious of the risks that come along with a surgery, and these comprise of allergic reactions, infection, and even nerve damage. Consequently, you need to select a reputable surgeon, who has dealt with similar cases before, and who knows exactly what needs to be done. Maybe one of the main drawbacks of a mole surgery is scaring. Most people disregard this aspect, in spite of the fact that it is relatively important too, thus you will need to ask your doctor about the scaring possibilities.

The mole, and the surrounding area, will be cleaned well before the surgery. This process is done using Betadine or alcohol, depending on the surgeon’s preferences. Lidocaine is one of the most powerful anesthetic substances, and it will be used to numb the area before surgery. Next, the surgical procedure will start, and the surgeon will use a scalpel to cut the mole deeper than the skin level. Then, the doctor will use a tool to burn the former place of the mole, and he will also apply a special substance, which is aimed to prevent extreme bleeding. Ultimately, antibiotics will be given to the patient, and the wound will be covered with a fixed bandage. If your moles have a dark color, and they are flat, then you will be probably advised to follow an excision surgery with stitches.

This means that your doctor will disinfect the place, and then numb it. Next, with a sharp scalpel, he will create a precise border around it. This border is made accordingly to the size and characteristics of the mole, and if it is cancerous, it will be deeper, and wider, in order to prevent the mole from reappearing. Stitches can be placed either at the surface of the skin or deeper, in which case they don’t have to be removed because the body absorbs them.

Depending of what the patient wants, and how deep the mole is, the doctor will make this decision. When the mole remover surgery is done, all patients need to apply antibiotics on the wound on a daily basis, and clean the area with a lot of care and attention.

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