Daniel Snyder: Controversial, Yet Excellent Sports Team Owner

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The 2012 NFL Season began last month, and one of the things of interest this season is the Redskins Rule, a a trend, albeit superstitious in nature, regarding NFL and the Usa Presidential Elections. Based on the said rule if the Washington Redskins wins the final homegame before the Presidential elections, the party that won the popular vote in the last election, will win the electoral vote for the White House. There have been 18 presidential elections since the Redskins transferred to Washington in 1937, and 17 of those showed the Redskins rule.

Besides the excitement generated by the Red Skins Rule, many fans are looking forward about how the Redskins will fare this season. It can be recalled that the last time they won in the Super Bowl was last 1991. From 1999 up to present, the team has gone through several coaching and quarterback changes as it seeks to add to their list of Super Bowl triumphs. At the forefront of those controversial changes, is Dan Snyder, the team’s present majority owner.

In spite of the controversy surrounding many of Snyder’s unpopular choices and the the team having no Super Bowl wins during his tenure, many still say that he is an excellent sports team owner. This is somewhat easy to believe in because over the past years the Redskins has remained as the second most valuable franchise in the NFL, valued roughly $1.55 billion. It is has also managed to become the highest grossing team in the NFL.

Among the recent changes, which a lot of people believe will help the Redskins succeed this season is signing up a new quarterback, Robert Griffin III who is officially the NFL’s first starting quarterback who was born in the 90s. In a preseason interview, Snyder said that he is happy about the direction of the team and having Griffin III in team.

Also, last year, Snyder ordered the creation of an indoor practice center for the redskins in Loudon County. The building of the Redskins practice bubble, the first in the football team’s history, ensures that during inclement weather, the team no longer has to transfer to a local gym, basketball court, or airport hangar to get ready for upcoming games.

Daniel “Dan” Snyder is not like other owners in the NFL. Most team owners merely consider their teams as another business venture. Snyder on the contrary is an obsessed Redskins fan, and although some of his decisions were not heavily criticized, these changes are genuinely for the good of the team and its fans. Read more about Daniel “Dan” Snyder as an excellent sports team owner please visit this website.