Columbus Martial Arts Events And More

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Mixed martial arts draws athletes and spectators of all types, from the young to the old. With all of the varied styles available it isn’t any surprise so many folks can find a martial sport they like. Catch sizzling action or try out some moves personally at one of many locations or events for Martial-arts Sports in Columbus. Whether or not it is regular classes, training for competitions or a hot event, there’s something for everybody, no matter the skill level. From Jiu Jitsu in Columbus to sporting events to coaching for a wide range of selfdefense abilities, Columbus offers a full package for folks having a desire to learn mixed fighting arts.

The Arnold Martial Arts Festival

The Arnold Martial Arts Festival, named after the famous actor and ex Governor of California Arnold Schwarzeneger, happens every first weekend of the month of March and has the capity to accomodate more than 18.000 competitors of all kinds of fighting arts, including Kickboxing, Judo, Jiu Jitso and more.

Columbus MMA

Catch the most recent MMA in Columbus action at Columbus MMA. Featuring over 1,700 sq. Feet of mat space, Columbus MMA has a packed weekly schedule with classes designed for a wide selection martial arts learners, from the youngest of amateurs to the most highly seasoned veterans. In addition, they have classes 6 weekdays, and also offers open mat time on Sundays.

Central Ohio Martial Arts

Targeting self-defense rather than competitions, Laura A. Clements believes in maintaining a powerful connection with Korea and frequently travels to South Korea so as to update and maintain her training. She offers first classes for free and gives family rates as well. This family owned and managed business welcomes beginners, and there aren’t any contracts or start up charges. Master Laura makes MMA in Columbus nice to learn.

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