Chicago’s Major Leagues

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Chicago Bulls

Their 6 championship dynasty in the 90s with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen guaranteed the team’s place in Chicago and NBA history. The team now plays at the United Center where a statue of Michael Jordan greets fans as they enter the building.

Chicago Blackhawks

Controlled by Patrick Kane, the Hawks intend to reclaim their NHL crown in the coming seasons. Like the Bulls, the team plays at the U.S. where their loyal following cheers their heroes during the season.

Chicagp Bears

One of the pillars of top sports in Chicago, the Bears have one of the most powerful followings in the country. Their home stadium Infantryman Field is amongst the hottest tickets in the city, no matter what the weather is like. Since the beginning of the Super Bowl, the team has been to the championship game twice.

Chicago White Sox

Till 2005, the Chicago White Sox were the southside team that was well known for the famous Black Sox scandal in 1918. But, after a World Series win, the team saw a renewed effort to remain in the vanguard of baseball in Chicago. The team plays at US Celluar Field, which used to be famous as Comiskey Park.

Chicago Cubs

When folks think about baseball in Chicago, they constantly think about the hapless Cubs. Even playing at Wrigley Field and having many fans across the U. S. the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908. Despite having the longest championship drought in baseball history, the Cubs have made the front page with their front office acquisition of Theo Epstein. The most noted Cubs professional player of all was Ernie Banks, who goes by the nickname “Mr Cub”.

Chicago Fire

Soccer in Chicago is a relatively modern addition to the city’s sporting practices. Formed in 1997, the Chicago Fire have continuously built a very loyal fan base, while winning one MLS cup and a few US Open Cups. The team plays at Toyota Park in Bridgeview. While not as famous as the other teams, soccer in Chicago is building a solid base which should guarantee its longevity.

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