Are MMA Fighters Too Susceptible To Injury?

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With the cancellation of one the UFC’s main fight cards due to an injury of one of the wrestlers in the primary event, the focus has shed new light on to the training safety of mixed martial arts. Now some would disagree that this was only a “one time matter”, but a subsequent injury occurred with the UFC’s newly bought Strikeforce promotion which caused the card to be cancelled. After this affair this was no longer labled as a “coincidence”. People actually started to question two things, is there something going down with the fighter’s training that's leading them to be more injury prone or is there something taking place with the promotion that is keeping them from finding the proper replacement fighter?

Replying to the 1st quandry that has begun to appear on assorted forums, radio shows, and sports news casts, the game of mixed fighting arts can be really taxing on the body. There is the general presumption that the part of the fight where the most wounds can occur is the actual fight. While this is an excellent assumption thanks to the amount of cosmetic damage that may be inflicted upon somebody, it's not where most wounds happen. Most wounds occur while they're essentially training for the imminent fight. More precisely right about two thirds of the way through coaching is where the body is at its most weakest state and wounds can happen. Now for the query, is there a method to keep wrestlers healthy through this coaching stage while ensuring they are ready for their fight. The answer is yes, and keep in mind most pro wrestlers do, but having the same experience level training partners will help to keep injuries down. Also having experienced health trainers will keep injuries down.

The subsequent question is, why don’t these multi-million dollar fighting promotions have contingency plans in place for when a fighter does get hurt? This is where some of the data is a little foggy. It really relies on the promotion, but usually the promotion has set up these matches through careful planning and numerous preliminary bouts to find out who the top contenders are. That having been said, there's also the fact that for up to 6 months, the opposing fighter has been coaching for that precise fighter. So to ask a fighter to battle someone they have not been coaching for is to ask an awful lot. Ecspecially if the fighter has a family and assorted other obligations to fret about.

There's a lot of variables that will set off a fighter to become hurt. All in all though, the sport of mixed fighting arts does have an extremely low injury rate compared with other professional sports, ecspecially with the magnitude involved.

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